Lego Star Wars Animated Film Coming To DVD/Blu-ray—With A Spoiler On Its Cover

Posted 9 years ago by Movies

Lego Star Wars The Padawan Menace DVD/Blu-ray

It’s Star Wars on Blu-ray week! The folks at Wal-mart and Lucasfilm have something additional to spend your money on this Friday when all six Star Wars movies debut on Blu-ray. Exclusively at the discount retailer, you can pick up Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace on DVD/Blu-ray combo pack.

The cute 22-minute animated short originally aired on Cartoon Network this July. The Clone Wars-era story stars a special mystery character who is finally revealed at the end. The Blu-ray set includes an exclusive Lego mini figure of that special character.

For less than $20 it seems like a great deal but consider this. That mystery character who’s identified in surprising fashion at the end of the show is named right there on the front cover. Yes, the twist ending of this animated short is revealed by simply reading the front of the box.

It’s kinda like buying the new Citizen Kane Blu-ray edition with a special “Rosebud Sled” toy inside. You read that correctly. I just compared Lego Star Wars and Citizen Kane — and spoiled the mystery of 1941 film in the same sentence. Keeping it in the Star Wars universe, this gaffe is like having a special “Father’s Day” edition of The Empire Strikes Back. No potential spoilers there!

Of course I’m joking around with these analogies but I think the Lucasfilm marketers should consider their young fans when designing the cover art for their releases.

If you want the secret spoiled for you, just head over to for an up-close look.