Ghibli’s ‘Castle in the Sky’ Coming to Blu-ray on May 22nd

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Castle in the Sky Blu-ray

Heck yes. Castle in the Sky may be my favorite Studio Ghibli film, and Disney is releasing it on Blu-ray on May 22nd, along with the The Secret World of Arrietty, which was pretty awesome itself.

If you’re not familiar with Castle in the Sky, it is a perfect example of Ghibli’s style and sense of humor. The American voice cast is great and includes Mark Hamil and Andy Dick, and the story is great. Thinking about it makes me want to go watch it right now, but I’m going to hold off until I can see it in HD.

Ghibli produces some of the most stunning-looking animated films of all time, and I can’t wait to have them all in high definition. After Castle in the Sky, I hope we get Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle.

We’re Going to Need a Bigger TV

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I get a lot of PR emails, but when one about the restoration of Jaws for its August 14th, 2012 Blu-ray release date popped in my inbox, I had to check it out. Jaws is my co-favorite movie of all time, along with Jurassic Park, and I’ve been waiting for it to come out on Blu-ray for years. Luckily, it’s Universal’s 100th Anniversary this year and Jaws is getting the extra-special treatment. They put together this surprisingly good behind the scenes video of their restoration process, and it looks like they’re doing everything right.

I want to show this to my wife and say “We’re going to need a bigger TV” and see if that works.

Blu-ray Review: Spellbound and Notorious

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For the average movie-goer, “Hitchcock” means Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo, and North by Northwest. Maybe Rear Window, too. But the portly, prolific director made dozens of films, going back to the silent era, so if you haven’t seen Spellbound or Notorious, it’s understandable. However, these two titles should probably be mentioned in the same breath as Hitch’s better known films, if for no other reason but the way they have helped define genres and shape feature films since their release in the mid-1940s.

Ralph Bakshi’s ‘Wizards’ Coming to Blu-ray

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Fans of obscure animated films rejoice! Weird animator Ralph Bakshi’s 1977 post-apocalyptic fantasy movie is coming to Blu-ray for the first time, and since I haven’t seen it since the days of VHS I’m kind of excited for it. I was never into Bakshi’s urban films, but Wizards always caught my eye and led me to watch his animated version of The Lord of the Rings.

Wizards is an interesting mix of fantasy and post-apocalyptic storytelling, and while it may not be the best animated film of all time, it’s unique. I look forward to seeing it again when it comes out on March 13th.


Terri Blu-ray Review

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Terri looked like the type of movie I was going to really like. It’s a quirky story of an introverted, overweight High School student befriending his assistant principal, played by John C. Reilly. Oh, and Creed Bratton from The Office is in it. Yeah, this looked like my kind of movie.

Well, after seeing the amazing Win Win recently, I can’t help but feel like Terri was just ok, and not great like I was hoping it would be. That’s not to say I didn’t like it or it was a bad film, I just had higher hopes for it.

The Movie

Terri is played by new-comer Jacob Wysocki, and he totally embodies the character, who lives at home with his aging, eccentric, this-is-probably-what-Creed-Bratton-is-like-in-real-life uncle James.. He starts wearing his pajamas to school because they’re comfortable, but his poor attendance force him into some one-on-one time with John C. Reilly’s character, Mr. Fitzgerald.
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