Yet Another Awesome LEGO Party Wagon

Posted 7 years ago by Toys


The LEGO Shellraiser set is cool and all, but ever since I saw the first retro LEGO Party Wagon I’ve been dying to get an official set. The Turtles’ green and yellow van is my favorite pop culture vehicle and I’d love to have it immortalized in tiny plastic bricks. I don’t know if LEGO will ever come out with a retro line of TMNT sets, but in the meantime we can enjoy the work of talented builders like Orion Pax.

This is the second LEGO Party Wagon (first here) I’ve seen and frankly I want them both. I’d love to order kits to be able to build these myself. I don’t even own any of the TMNT LEGO sets yet but knowing I could have a Party Wagon to put my Turtles in would probably be all the incentive I needed to finally buy them.


  • If this was a real set I would totally buy it. As it is right now none of the official sets have impressed me much. I’m resisting spending all that money just to get the minifigs.

  • I just spent all my monies yesterday on more Nick Turtles toys and now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get more without living in a cardboard box. I think that’s what true Turtle Power is.

    • Yeah that’s how I feel about the TMNT LEGO sets. LEGO is always so expensive and I just haven’t had it in the budget to go buy a bunch yet. I’m going to have to start selling crap to pay for new crap 😛