Cool Stuff: LEGO Ghostbusters HQ by Orion Pax

Posted 7 years ago by Toys

LEGO Ghostbusters

Another day, another awesome LEGO creation by Orion Pax. A while back I posted his amazing TMNT Party Wagon, and now he’s touched on another of my favorite pop culture icons, Ghostbusters.

Orion has created the Ghostbusters firehouse headquarters in the style of the LEGO modular buildings, and he’s done a crazy-good job of it. It’s beautiful from the outside alone, but once you take a look at the level of detail in the interiors you realize how great it really is.

Ghostbusters Kitchen

That’s just nuts. Head over to his site to see even more of his amazing 3-story Ghostbusters HQ (complete with Ecto 1). This guy’s LEGO powers seem a little unnatural. I love how he uses all the new pieces like the wood panels and food and makes them look better than anything LEGO has even come out with.

They need to hire this guy and get him designing sets.

Via Brothers Brick

  • Wow, just wow. So many great little details.