Cool Stuff: Justin Gammon’s Nintendo Prints for the 3NES Gallery Exhibit

Posted 7 years ago by Art

Justin Gammon 3NES

Check out these awesome prints our friend Justin Gammon of the awesome site Weirdo Toys is contributing to the 3NES Exhibit at Bottleneck Gallery. I’ve been hearing a lot about the 3NES show and I wish I could be in Brooklyn this weekend to check it out, but Bottleneck will start their online sales Saturday, so I’m crossing my fingers I can snag Justin’s awesome prints.

Justin created three prints inspired by Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, and they’re all awesome. Make sure to head over to his site to check out his post that explains the process behind each one.

You can keep up with the show at Bottleneck’s website and Facebook page.

Protip: Signalnoise (aka James White) also has some bitchin’ art at this show.