Secondhand Score: ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Coloring Book from 1982

Posted 6 years ago by Books

Empire Strikes Back Coloring Book

I don’t make it to garage sales very often. It seems like every time I try to hit them up, I just run into old clothes, worthless household goods, and baby stuff. I get so jealous of my blogger buddies when they find awesome stuff, but I never have any luck. Anyway, the wife and I hit up a few community-wide yard sales this past weekend, and I actually ended up finding a few cool things.

At one house, underneath a pile of Show n’ Tell Picturesound Programs was an unused Empire Strikes Back coloring book from 1982. I couldn’t believe it. I collect 80s/90s coloring books and I’ve never come across a Star Wars book. It wasn’t priced, so I grabbed the Show n’ Tell records and the book and asked how much. I got all six items for $5 and got the hell out before she could realize how giddy I was about the coloring book.

I posted the book on Instagram and Reddit and instantly got tons of people asking to see the inside pages. Rather than taking the time to scan them (I’m lazy), I just took photos of each page. Some of the pages are pretty awesome, and some are…interesting. The weirdest thing? There’s no Boba Fett at all! The Slave 1 makes an appearance, but no Boba Fett. He would have been the most fun character to color in the whole book, but alas, he’s not here.

It boggles my mind how normal people (you know, not crazy collectors) can keep a coloring book unused for 32 years, but I’m glad there are people like that, otherwise I wouldn’t have any to collect.

PS, if you have any cool 80s/90s coloring books you don’t want, I’m always up for trades!

  • Great find! I feel the same way I rarely if ever find anything worthwhile at yard sales or thrift shops.

    • Yeah, I think from now on I’m only going to go to community/neighborhood yard sales. It’s just easier to hit a bunch up and then go home instead of driving all over the place.

  • Tim Briscoe

    So many great interpretations. I love the “Luke tries to raise his ship” one. It’s the Force visualized! It’s also interesting that they didn’t spoil the big reveal.

  • Dex

    I know I had an ESB coloring book but I can’t remember if this was the one or not. The line work is definitely by the same hand.