Secondhand Score: ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Coloring Book from 1982

Posted 6 years ago by Books

Empire Strikes Back Coloring Book

I don’t make it to garage sales very often. It seems like every time I try to hit them up, I just run into old clothes, worthless household goods, and baby stuff. I get so jealous of my blogger buddies when they find awesome stuff, but I never have any luck. Anyway, the wife and I hit up a few community-wide yard sales this past weekend, and I actually ended up finding a few cool things.

At one house, underneath a pile of Show n’ Tell Picturesound Programs was an unused Empire Strikes Back coloring book from 1982. I couldn’t believe it. I collect 80s/90s coloring books and I’ve never come across a Star Wars book. It wasn’t priced, so I grabbed the Show n’ Tell records and the book and asked how much. I got all six items for $5 and got the hell out before she could realize how giddy I was about the coloring book.
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The 10 Weirdest Coloring Books on Amazon

Posted 8 years ago by Books

Weird Coloring Books

Confession: I still like to color. I’m not ashamed of it. I stare at a computer screen for the majority of the day, and usually at a television screen for the other hours I’m not sleeping, so having something analog to do every once in a while probably just helps my brain not melt. Being the nostalgic person I am, every once in a while I think to go buy some coloring books and a fresh pack of Crayolas. Luckily my wife enjoys it too and doesn’t think I’m crazy.

When I was preparing the art for our Top Hat Sasquatch shirts, I realized I could totally make a coloring sheet with our mascot, and I got way too excited. That combined with the new TMNT coloring books I ordered on Amazon, and I was apparently back into coloring.

Then I realized that I’d never bought coloring books online before, and that there had to be a bunch of weird, random, and awesome coloring books that would be way more fun than picking up a Hello Kitty or Dark Knight Rises book at the store. Yeah, turns out there are.

So, here are the 10 weirdest coloring books I found on Amazon. I use weird in the best way possible, so no offense to any of the authors. I run a site called Top Hat Sasquatch anyway, so who am I to talk?
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