Get Crafty With This Angry Birds Crochet Pattern

Posted 9 years ago by Stuff

Angry Birds

As someone who pushes pixels all day, I’ve grown to appreciate folks who can actually make physical objects with their own hands. How’s that work? Etsy has no shortage of awesome geek gear, and this Angry Birds Crochet Pattern is no exception.

My sister pointed this out, which is appropriate since she made me these awesome crocheted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Christmas. It’s amazing seeing Angry Birds making the leap from our iPhone screens to the real world with all the shirts, toys and games coming out lately.

What should be the next bit of Angry Birds merchandising? Undies?

  • Sara & I think that it’s called angry birds because it makes us angry.

  • Dani P

    No! They’re angry cuz the evil green pigs stole their eggs! The point of destroying the green pigs in the game is to get the eggs back 😉