New 2012 TMNT Classics Action Figures

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2012 TMNT Classic Line

Yesterday MTV Geek got an exclusive first-look at the new TMNT toys that will be coming out later this year, and they are amazing. I was going to hop on the bandwagon yesterday and post the initial photos but I decided to hold off so I could try to organize my thoughts on the two different lines in a little more depth. Playmates is releasing lines based on the new show as well as a TMNT Classics line modeled after the original cartoon. Today I’m going to talk mostly about those.

2012: Year of the Dragon Turtle

With the new CGI show airing on Nickelodeon this year and Playmates releasing these toys, it could be a huge year for the Turtles. I haven’t seen anything from the new cartoon, but I know lots of awesome people are working on it and it should appeal to kids without seeming like some recycled 80s fad. Combine that with the fact that these new toys look like the best Playmates have ever released, and we could potentially have ourselves full-blown TMNT mania again.

I browse the toy aisles at the megastores as often as I can, and everything pretty much looks the same these days. You have your big robot toys, your superheros, tacky wrestling figures, and whatever is the flavor-of-the-month from Hollywood.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys always look great in the aisles, and with these new toys looking so great, I hope kids buy the crap out of them and reward Playmates for their awesome work for over 25 years.

TMNT Classic Collection


He's cool, but rude.

Most people are raving about the action figures based on the Nickelodeon CGI show, which I think look amazing too, but to me, the real highlight of Playmates’ new lines is the Classic Collection. I’m one of the kids who grew up on the 80s cartoon, and I fully embrace it’s goofiness. I know the comics are gritty and more adult, but what hooked me as a kid were things like Rob Paulsen’s voice over, the outrageous villains, and silly plot-lines.

And even though I had boxes full of TMNT toys as a kid, it feels like I’m getting action figures based on the original cartoon for the first time ever.


It’s no secret that the original TMNT action figures didn’t look like their animated counterparts, but nobody really cared. They were still awesome toys and they flew off the shelves. In 1992 Playmates released the Toon Turtles in an attempt to be more cartoonish, but they just looked like Aardman claymation versions of the Turtles. (Note to self, make that happen).

Fast forward 20 years and with the TMNT Classics line we’re finally getting some action figures that look like they stepped right out of the campy 80s cartoon, and that makes me happy.

Here’s hoping they sell well, because Playmates said they would release more characters if the initial series is successful. Thinking about TMNT Classics versions of Shredder, April, Casey Jones, Splinter, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady is making me mentally clear off shelves in my office to make room.

It will be interesting to see how they market the classic line, and if they give them the same shelf space as the newer updated Turtles. At least it looks like they nailed the packaging, which means I’ll have to buy two sets, one to keep in the box and one to play with have on display.

The only negative thing I can think of about the classic collection is pretty small, and stems from me being a hardcore fan of the 80s cartoon. I wish they had Happy Faces you could switch out so they’re not angry all the time. Oh well, at least I’ll be smiling when I get these.

Thanks to Ninja Pizza and MTV Geek for the images. Make sure to check out Rose’s in-depth coverage of the new toys as Toy Fair unfolds over the next few days.

  • As a fan and collector of the original Playmates line I’m really excited by the looks of this line. I’m gonna be reserved until I see the final products before putting my money where my hopes are but, man that playset looks sweeeeeet!

  • Troy Dykmann

    I have Copyright 1988 Michaelangelo In the box and Copyright 1990 Donatello in the box for sale 763 463 7581

  • Elaine

    I still have and April action figure in the package….I used to buy the Turtles for my Nephews when they were little and picked her up when I saw her LOL

  • Gma

    I just give my grandson a whole bunch of them as a gift did not realize they were worth value LOL

  • Josh

    I actually have 99% of th entire line in my attic still in the box MINT I just dont know where to go to sell