Scale Model Muppet Stages

Posted 9 years ago by Art

We’re big Muppets fans around THS. We also love action figures. So imagine our amazement when we saw Lance Cardinal’s custom-built Muppets’ playsets, scaled for the defunct Palisades action figures.

Cardinal made a mainstage, sized to fit the existing Palisades figures and playsets, as well as the backstage set, with the dressing rooms upstairs. He even made it so the two stages fit together to form one complete set.

This thing is a work of art. I’d try to describe it, but my words would not do the set justice. After you’re done checking out these sample items, head over to Cardinal’s website for the complete collection (Mainstage and Backstage).

  • This only makes me more sad that I don’t own a single Palisades Muppet figure šŸ™

    Seriously though, someday I’m going to get the urge and spend a whole lot of money on those on ebay.

  • wow, this set is amazing!