Post Avatar Day Roundup

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As you all probably know, Friday was Avatar Day. I’m getting pretty good at explaining what Avatar is. I had to explain to my wife that we were going to the IMAX theater to see a 15 preview of a movie that doesn’t come out until December. The rest of the weekend was spent explaining to people that Avatar is going to be awesome.

I’m typically not one to buy into the hype machine, and I usually stay as far away as possible from motion capture, but upon seeing the Avatar preview on Friday, I am thoroughly excited. The CG may not be as eyeball-bursting as the hype suggested, but the scenes I saw were pretty amazing. The Na’vi have very expressive faces, and when they’re together (and not mixed with live action humans), I totally forgot I was watching CG.

But this is Saturday Morning Central, so lets talk about something really important…Avatar toys!


Avatar Toys

Forget the toys based on the movies based on the toys of our childhood. Avatar is going to have some awesome, totally original toys for kids to play with and in twenty years, blog about. Who wouldn’t want the Sigourney Weaver figure, or the Mech suit, or the cool helicopter-with-fans?


I can see some pretty epic action figure battles going on with these toys. The inner geek in me hopes that the Na’vi figures will be to scale with the humans, which would put them an inch or two taller. If not, I’ll survive.

Make sure to head over to Mattel’s Flickr stream to see more Avatar toys!

See also Avatar Toys on Amazon.

  • Daniel85

    This toyline is totally giving off some mid-90s Kenner Jurassic Park/Lost World vibes. Especially the vehicles.

    Those blue alien dudes look pretty cool.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this line fares at retail. Every single movie-based action figure line in the past five (ten?) years has sat untouched on the pegs for months before being dumped in the clearance bin. Kids aren’t all that interested in 3 3/4 anymore.

    • Thats exactly what I thought!

      I actually wouldn’t mind if that happened with the Avatar toys, because I’ll be a lot more likely to buy them if they’re in the bargain bin.

  • I Have The ‘Thanator’ Figure (Or In The Pic Above
    The Big Black Panther Beast On Bottom Right) I Purchased It Yesterday And Man Is It Good, Fully Posable And All.
    Love It(:

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