Missing Links for Dec. 8th, 2010

Posted 9 years ago by Missing Links

The Tophat Sasquatch team reads a lot of blog posts every day, and some slip through the crack or just don’t warrant their own post. That’s where Missing Links comes in. Every few days we collect the best links we’ve come across and pass them on to you.

Hugh Jackman Talks Darren Aronofsky’s ‘The Wolverine’
I’m very excited about the potential for an awesome Wolverine movie.

Data Costume Shirt from The Goonies
I don’t know who wears these costume shirts, but I see them everywhere now. Data is a nice addition.

Geek Art Loves Andy Gonsalvez’s Super Ernie-O World
Wow, this works surprisingly well.

Concept Art Revealed For Aborted ‘Superman’ Films by J.J. Abrams and Bryan Singer
I wish Singer had another shot at Superman, and I think a Doomsday story could have been awesome in his hands, but oh well.

MTV Blogs: Splash Page: ‘Iron Man 3’ Will Be A Sequel To ‘Thor,’ ‘Captain America’ And ‘The Avengers,’ Says Jon Favreau
Sounds like a plan to me.