Distract Yourself with the First Ever ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ Commercial

Posted 7 years ago by Toys

I don’t know about you, but I could use some distraction today. What better way to distract ourselves from scary people than by watching a delightfully retro animated toy commercial? Being born in 85, I feel like I completely missed out on Masters of the Universe. I never had any of the toys and I only vaguely remember the cartoon. Sometimes I get the urge to read up on the mythology, buy a bunch of vintage toys, and cram every episode of the cartoon just to feel like I know what all you guys are talking about.

Usually I repress that urge before I spend any time or money, but this recently unearthed commercial for MOTU from the early early 80s is really making me want to dive in to Eternia.

Something tells me that actual cartoon doesn’t look this cool though.

  • I think that ad had more actual animation than the collective episodes of the series the toyline inspired.

  • I was born in the wonderful year of 84 so I was a bit behind on the actual “craze” of Masters of the Universe. I did however come into loving the MOTU through garage sale finds, old VHS cartoons and comics. I think the best thing about the series is the outlandish characters/vehicles from the toon and toyline.

    Oh and the cartoon is a great piece of 80’s pop culture. While the animation may be a bit lacking and NOTHING like the commercial above it is worth a watch. I think the entire series is now on Netflix.