D23 Expo News Roundup: Avengers, New Pixar Films, Muppets, and More

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Disney just held the second ‘D23 Expo’ this past weekend in Anaheim, their membership-based fan event, and released a ton of info on upcoming movies. We weren’t able to make it (mark my words, next year) but a lot of blogs have been doing a great job of summing up the news. To make it easy to find out what was announced, we’ve compiled all the biggest stories into this roundup. I’m sure we missed something, but everything here is pretty awesome. It definitely sounds like Disney is doing a good job with these conventions.

The Avengers

Everyone was surprised that The Avengers didn’t have much of a presence at Comic-Con this year, but Disney pulled all the stops for their own event. Most of the stars were on hand and an exclusive clip was revealed that really makes me wish I had been there.

SlashFilm posted a great description of the clip, and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) was surprisingly candid in a few interviews, dishing on what his character has been up to and some awesome-sounding showdowns he gets in the movie.


After a disappointing summer for Pixar, exciting news and sneak peaks is just what the Docter ordered (sorry, couldn’t resist). They announced two new films, a dinosaur movie to be helmed by Bob Peterson and a new original film for Monster’s Inc/Up director Pete Docter. They also gave updates on the upcomming films Brave and Monsters University. I didn’t know what to think about a Monsters Inc. sequel, but I think I’m on board now.


Pixar and Marvel don’t represent the only awesomeness to come out of D23 this year. One project I am completely stoked out of my mind about and one that I was not aware of make up two of my favorite pieces of news from the event.

There was a panel about ‘The Muppets’ and thankfully the stars still seem to be aligning to finally give us one more good Muppet movie.

Something that I’m not sure I had heard anything about is Wreck-it-Ralph, Disney’s video-game themed animated movie. It sounds completely awesome, and features John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, and Jack McBrayer, and takes place across the world of multiple made-up video games. It doesn’t come out until November 2012, but I can’t wait.

Where you able to attend the D23 Expo this year? Did we miss anything?

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