Comic Book Review: Damaged #5

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At the end of Damaged #4 (See my review of #1-4), Frank, the soon-to-retire head of a special police task force, was teaching his young replacement, Cassidy, how to be a cop on the rough streets of San Francisco.  Meanwhile, Frank’s brother, Henry, a cop-turned-heavily-armed-vigilante, has taken on his own protege, Lordsman, a police officer sent to prison for refusing to help while a known gangster died in a car fire.  Lordsman, though, doesn’t agree with Henry’s philosophy of taking out the criminals to clean up the streets.  Instead, Lordsman believes the cure to the ills of society have to start by cutting off the head – the corrupt politicians and policemen.  When he goes on a mission without Henry in tow, he puts a dirty cop in the hospital with a career-ending injury, which only makes the police that much more interested in catching the vigilante duo.
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Comic Book Review: Damaged #1-4

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On the surface, it would be easy to dismiss Radical Publishing’s Damaged as a Punisher knock-off.  After all, both feature a gun-toting vigilante dealing out his own brand of explosive justice.  However, once you start digging a little deeper into Damaged, you’ll see there’s more meat on the bone than you might expect.

In 1975, Henry and Frank Lincoln are brothers and officers for the San Francisco Police Department.  In the beginning, they share a similar outlook on working within the justice system to stop crime.  But when Henry’s son is kidnapped, his views change significantly.  Now, Henry takes matters into his own hands when he uncovers a pedophile ring involving prominent members of the Bay Area’s business leaders.  He recruits his brother to help him burn down the mansion where the group meets, but Frank has second thoughts at the last minute.  The two scuffle and a Molotov cocktail accidentally sets off one of the gasoline bombs.  To save his brother from the flames, Henry jumps on top of Frank, receiving serious burns to the right side of his body, including an imprint on his chest where Frank’s super-heated badge burns into his skin.
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March MODOK Madness

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I used to get up for the grand spectacle that is the NCAA College Basketball tournament. Now I’d much rather fill my bracket with all the great submissions at March MODOK Madness.

The illustration blog celebrates one of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s lesser-known creations. MODOK, which stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, never really got the respect he deserved. That is, until now. The blog posts numerous drawings of the super villain, by both amateurs and professionals, each day in March.

Lots of artists are taking creative spins on the character. Be sure to check out Modork by Doug Slack, Mohair by Sean Bieri, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Kuddling by Mr. Mr., and my personal favorite, Garrett Hagen’s MODUNK.

Super Friends Valentines Save the Day

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Valentine’s Day is here!

No, seriously – it’s today.

You didn’t get him/her/it anything yet!?

Quick, Robin! To the internet!

Thankfully, Andertoons is here to save the day with these awesome Super Friends Valentines from 1980. If you really love him/her/it, you’ll take the time to put together some of the “Action Valentines”, like the spinning wheels on Batwoman’s motorcycle, Plastic Man’s long, stretchy *ahem* neck, and Aquaman…coming out of…an oyster…shell…for some odd reason. Wow, you really are lame, aren’t you, buddy?
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Abduzeedo’s Best Illustrations of 2010

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When it comes to comics, I’m much more of a Jack Kirby devotee than a Stan Lee guy—it’s the visuals that excite me more than the story itself. That’s why I was immediately drawn to Abduzeedo’s picks for this year’s best illustrations.

The site for visual inspiration features a dozen or so excellent creations from artists like Dustin Nguyen, Jason Seiler, Dave MacDowell, and Dave Johnson. I particularly liked the last one above by Rafael Albuquerque. Fans of DC’s Superman/Batman will know his work.

Head over to Abduzeedo to see all the fantasy and comics-inspired selections.