1963 Risk Board Game Photo Gallery

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1963 Risk Board Game

I just got a Panasonic GH2 micro four thirds camera, and I need as much practice as I can get taking photos and video with it, so I’ve randomly started photographing all the odds and ends around my house.

A few years ago I was at a library book sale in a small town and I found this 1963 version of Risk in mint condition. I think I paid a dollar for it, mainly because it looked so awesome. I’ve tried learning and playing Risk a few times in the past, but never with much success.

I love the art style and design of this game, from the actual board to the way everything is laid out when you open it up. The pieces are simple painted wooden cubes, an odd combination of bright and dull colors. The pieces, cards, and die are laid out symmetrically underneath the board.

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One of my favorite parts of the design has to be the whale wearing Donald Duck’s hat. There’s also something refreshing about the simplicity of yellow and pink wooden cubes representing armies, especially with the complex nature of the game. Maybe the next time all the THS crew is in the same town we’ll have to schedule a Risk party. I’m sure one of us knows how to play.

Do you have this (or an even better) retro Risk game? Can you suggest any other vintage board games based solely on their visual appeal? Let us know!

  • The only thing wrong with Risk is that I’m not playing it rightnow. If the THS team didn’t mind an HN stragler, I’d be in. My short stature makes for a great mock Napolean.

    • I see a Risk night in the future sometime.