Comic Book Review: Sharky!

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I recently reviewed Monster Massacre, a compilation of monster-themed comics, edited by comic book creator Dave Elliott.  Included in the book were a couple of Elliott’s own comics, which were some of the weakest of the bunch.  And now that I’ve read Elliott’s original creation Sharky!, I think it’s safe to say that I’m just not a fan of the man’s work.

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Let’s Help Kickstart a ‘Cool and Collected’ Magazine

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Cool and Collected

Well, this is awesome. Brian Adams of Cool and Collected has been planning a really-for-real magazine project and just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it off the ground. Brian is an excellent graphic designer and obviously knows how to lay out a magazine. Look at those comps, they look gorgeous!

The magazine will cover collectors and their collections. Brian has a knack for finding people with awesome collections, and is also the head hauncho of The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, so he shouldn’t have a problem finding a steady stream of contributors. I think the idea of a magazine for collectors funded and created by collectors sounds great, and I can’t wait to read it. Here’s the Kickstarter video:
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When You Hear This Sound #8 – Conan the Barbarian

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Come along and listen to two tales of sword and sorcery adventures in the Hyborian Age, as we follow in the massive footsteps of the Cimmerian himself, Conan the Barbarian.

A New TMNT Fan Club? Yes Please

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TMNT Fan Club

One of my big regrets in life is not joining the original TMNT Fan Club back in the day. This was the club that used Pizza Points as currency and got you some sweet swag for joining.

Well, I can stop crying because Nickelodeon has relaunched their TMNT Master Foot vs. Ninja thing that I didn’t really understand as the new TMNT Fan Club. You may not get a fancy swag bag for joining, but earning points through the system gets you chances to win cool prizes, so count me in.

One of the current prizes is pretty amazing too. Remember the Bebop & Rocksteady classic figures coming out soon? You could win the actual sample figures for those by earning enough points. I was going to say that I’ll probably never earn enough points to win anything, but then I noticed that Instagram integration is coming soon and I can earn points for participating in TMNT photo challenges and using the #TMNT hashtag. I practically do that every day now, so bring it on!

I just wish they’d bring back pizza points.

Join the TMNT Fan Club!

I Won a Ducktales Remastered Press Kit from Capcom

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Ducktales Remastered Gold Cart

Note: There’s a contest in this post!

Six months ago I found out Capcom was releasing Ducktales Remastered and I got really pumped about it. I love Ducktales and I love Remastered versions of classic games. Fast forward a few months and I find out that Capcom created these amazing press kits to promote the game, and I was sad because I knew I’d never get one.

Then I found out that Capcom had a few Ducktales press kits left over, and they could be won be either singing the Ducktales theme song or creating some fan art. Now I was really pumped. I sing and play guitar a lot, and I play the Ducktales theme song constantly just because I love it. When I found out about this contest, I immediately threw on my Ducktales game shirt, sat down in front of my computer, and played the song. I should have used something other than my internal mic because the audio kind of sucks, but I was too excited and wanted to enter as quickly as possible.
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