All I Want for Christmas is This Sasquatch Ornament

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Xmas Sasquatch

I posted a sasquatch Christmas ornament last year but didn’t get to snag one because they sold out quickly. Well, as I was putting together the Top Hat Sasquatch Christmas Store, I found this ‘Holiday Yeti Ornament’ and it is even better than the first one. Seriously, look at it! Give it a bubble pipe and it could pass for our mascot.

Oh, and did I mention there is now a Top Hat Sasquatch Christmas Store? It’s an embedded Amazon store full of products we think are cool, and if you buy things from there we get a small kickback that will go towards paying for booze toys our server.

Check it out on Amazon

Christopher Tupa’s Wish Book Captures Pre-Christmas Toy Anticipation

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Christopher Tupa's Wish Book

For a kid, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas has to be the most excruciatingly slow time of year. It’s a never-ending wait to see what toys will be you under the tree come Christmas morning. When I was little, I would spend this time making wish lists and browsing through the toy pages of the store catalogs. I’d revise my list again and again in hopes of getting the perfect mix of loot.

Now as an adult, I remember those in-between days fondly. Like many things in life, I know that anticipation is equal to, if not greater than, the event itself. As a parent I also now realize how impractical my vast Christmas wish lists were. I wanted so many different things that a certain degree of disappointment was inevitable on Dec. 25. There were always things on those lists that were left unfulfilled.

Christopher Tupa remembers those days as well. The artist and toy collector has created a book of toys and collectibles he wanted as a child but was never able to receive. His free ebook can be downloaded from his website.
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Book Review: ‘LEGO Space: Building the Future’ is a triple treat

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Lego Space: Building the Future

Lego Space and I go way back. I vividly remember going to my neighbor Jason’s house when I was young to play the sci-fi-themed building blocks. It must’ve been 1980 or ’81 and Lego had introduced its space theme just a few years earlier.

Jason was lucky enough to have most every set. We would pool all the loose bricks together and take turns picking pieces. Then we’d head to a separate corner of his bedroom to build a massive space ship. The goal was to out-cool the other person with our creation.

For us it was all about the build rather than imaginative play. We didn’t need to role play to enjoy Lego. That was the beauty of the toys. Lego’s multiple dimensions of enjoyment are part of its success all these years.
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Shirt of the Day: Stick Stickly!

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Stick Stickly

I had forgotten about the whole Shirt of the Day thing around here, but this new shirt from BustedTees is so awesome it could very well be the shirt of the year (for me anyway). If you grew up in the 90s and watched Nickelodeon, you remember Stick Stickly. He was the little popsicle stick mascot the network used in bumpers and promotions for Nick in the Afternoon, and he had a pretty catchy jingle.

BustedTees captured the essence (and the jingle) perfectly in their new shirt, and I’m going to order one right away, because I never wrote in to Stick Stickly when I was a kid and I’m filled with shame.

Check it out on BustedTees

When You Hear This Sound #10 – Doctor Who and the Pescatons

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When You Hear This Sound #10

Hop in our wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey blue box and head back to 1976 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.