15 Comic Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram—But Probably Aren’t

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Instagram Roundup

Instagram has become one of the Internet’s most popular social networks. The photo-sharing service is also a tremendous platform for visual artists to show off their creations.

As a huge fan of comic art, I follow many notable illustrators on Instagram. (You find my inane photos under tmbr.) I love seeing updates from my favorites like Jake Parker, Skottie Young, Alex Deligiannis, and Joe Vriens. There is so much talent to be experienced I felt it necessary to highlight some of the lesser known artists.

To make this list, artists had to meet three important criteria:

  1. They must regularly post their comic illustrations.
  2. They must have an aptitude for drawing.
  3. They must have less than 1,000 followers at the time of their inclusion.

These folks may not have the 10,000+ followers of Becky Cloonan or Bryan Lee O’Malley, but they have as much skill. Everyone of them is worth your Instagram attention.


Alejandro Rosado Instagram logoaleroart

Alejandro Rosado is a Chicago-based free lance artist who shares our love for Nintendo, TMNT, and kid comics. He often posts his rough sketches, watercolors, and digital work. Visit: aleroart.com

Anwar Madrigal Instagram logoanwarmad

Anwar is a professional artist living in L.A. He’s got a great eye for character design. His monster creations are pretty amazing. Visit: madpencil.blogspot.com

Dean Trippe Instagram logodeantrippe

Dean is one of the highlights of my Instagram feed. This Batman-obsessed artist created the comic Butterfly and co-hosts The Last Cast podcast. His You’ll Be Safe Here piece is one of the finest things to come from any artist in the last several years. Visit: deantrippe.com

Eric Merced Instagram logoeric_merced

Eric is another favorite artist. He too is a freelance illustrator specializing in fun art for children. That simply means he does a lot of fantasy, robot, and creature that we big kids enjoy too. Visit: ericmerced.com

Robert Islas Instagram logoidrawthings

Robert’s art is a lot of fun. He often depicts animals and wonderful caricatures. His Ron Swanson is a thing of beauty. Visit: idrawthings.blogspot.com

Jackie Lewis Instagram logojackiemakescomics

Jackie first came to my attention from her fabulous graphic novel Play Ball on Oni Press. She’s got a knack for drawing the guys from TV’s Supernatural as well as other fun, geeky things. Visit: jackiemakescomics.tumblr.com

Jahnoy Lindsay Instagram logojahnoyl

Jahnoy is a 20-year-old student artist but don’t discount him based on that. His skills match some of the most seasoned illustrators. You can even see a progression in his work from early drawings to current ones. Visit: jahnoyl.tumblr.com

Joey Ellis Instagram logojoeyellis

We’ve mentioned Joey’s work on THS a few times before. His comic art looks great and is equally hilarious. Since he’s so naturally funny, he’s a great Twitter follow as well. Visit: joeyellis.com

Joe Quinones Instagram logokwinones

No offense to the other artists, but Joe is a big-time Marvel and DC artist. He’s worked on Amazing Spider-Man, Superman/Batman, Batman ’66, and others. You know, no big deal. It’s shocking he doesn’t yet have 1,000 followers. Visit: joequinones.tumblr.com

Marc Ellerby Instagram logomarcellerby

Marc is probably best known for the comic Chloe Noonan Monster Hunter. He’s also done an autobiographical comic called Ellerbisms. His art is distinctive and a lot of fun. Visit: marcellerby.com

Michael Anderson Instagram logomikuloctopus

Michael is as awesome as it gets. I have no idea how to pronounce his IG username but I like pretty much everything he produces. Check out the lighting on that crazed Wolverine. Visit: mikuloctopus.prosite.com

Ryan Browne Instagram logoryanbrowneart

Ryan recently wrapped up his Kickstarter-funded comic God Hates Astronauts. His Instagram also shows off his sick and twisted sense of humor, something that brings me as much joy as his art. Visit: godhatesastronauts.com

Scott Wegener Instagram logoscott_wegna

Scott is the co-creator of the awesome comic Atomic Robo. He’s also penciled Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Punisher War Journal for Marvel. Yeah, he’s good. Visit: atomic-robo.com

Chris Haley Instagram logothechrishaley

Chris Haley is a triple threat. He draws the web comic Let’s Be Friends Again, co-hosts a Gravity Falls podcast named The Gravity Falls Gossiper, and acts in the YouTube comedy series The Variants. I’m not sure how he finds the time to post to Instagram. Visit: letsbefriendsagain.com

Justin Castaneda Instagram logowhenuwerelittle

Justin is another children’s book artist. He’s written and illustrated three books in his When I Was Little series. I adore his work on brown cardboard. Visit: wheniwaslittlebook.blogspot.com

This list is far from complete. Instagram now has over 130 million users. I could have easily listed 50 or more such artists. I’m certain there are hundreds if not thousands of other deserving, under-appreciated artists still out there.

I could use your help locating them. Please post a comment with your suggestions. I have a pretty strong feeling there will be another installment very soon. When posting your artist recommendations, include their Instagram username and be aware of the 1,000 follower limit.

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    Awesome post!

  • For sure Jerzy Drozd (@jerzydrozd), Cole Roberts (@lifeofcole) and Matthew Skiff (@thew). Also, Jessie Acosta (@jesjosacosta) and Ryan Wheaton (@ryanwheaton)

    • Tim Briscoe

      Hey, quit peeking at my notes! 😉

      Seriously, thanks for the suggestions. It’s a safe bet those guys will all make the follow-up list.

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    Oh…its pronounced Michael+Octopus hahaha ;D I get that a lot.

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    good list, i also like http://instagram.com/wherewood. they got over 2k followers already and are only a month old.

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    Please take a look at my profile!! @thecatoonist!!

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    You guys should check out @easypencil. You won’t be disappointed. They are Amazing.

  • Fuzzy Poet

    Check out “Motivational Housecat!” by @fuzzy_poet on instagram. If you like Gilbert Shelton, Krazy Kat and R. Crumb, you’ll enjoy it.

    Here’s what one viewer said: “Drew Gold captures my generation’s humor with “Motivational Housecat”; one sick and disturbed comic, a total must read!”-Peter Grayson