Playmates Announces TMNT Toys for 2013!

Posted 8 years ago by Toys

2013 TMNT Toys

I don’t use exclamation marks in headlines very often, but come on, new TMNT toys! We’ve already gotten a look at the TMNT LEGO sets for next year, but so far there’s been no news about Playmates’ new toys. With the new show and toys blowing up the way they are, we all new more toys had to be coming. Our friends at The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang spotted these new photos over at Toy News International, and it looks like we’re going to have plenty to spend our money on next year.

I knew we weren’t going to be able to avoid the crazy Turtle variant figures for long, and it looks like they’re coming already with what fans are dubbing The Ghostbuster Turtles. It’ll be Sports Turtles, Clowns, and Hip Hop Turtles before we know it. The bad thing is, I don’t really mind.

There are some new vehicles and playsets coming too, and there’s even a mention of Playmates’ Classic line getting a series two, which is awesome news! I love that Baxter Stockman, I just wish he could be about 11 inches tall and be the Krang’s Android Body of this new line.

Head on over to The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang for some more pictures!