Geek Eats: Wreck-It Ralph Nesquik

Posted 8 years ago by Games, Stuff

I’ve got a secret that I’m not sure I should confess.

OK, OK. I will. This will be a rather short story if I don’t share. Here goes… Manufacturers, if you make special packaging for your product in a cool, 8-bit design there’s a 99% chance I will buy it. I’m such a fan of old school video game design that I’ll fork over all kinds of money for your product if it features cool pixel art. Yes, I mean it. Any product. I’ll even buy a box of Tampax tampons once they make the wise choice to switch to 8-bit packaging.

Nestlé has somehow learned this deep, dark secret of mine. I recently fell victim while perusing the aisles of my local supermarket. There’s where I saw their Wreck-It Ralph commemorative packaging for Nesquik chocolate drink powder. They had turned their iconic Nesquik bunny and logo into eye-catching video game designs. There were three different package designs, each with a different scene from Wreck-It Ralph. I snapped up my favorite of the three.

Yeah, I already redeemed my code so don’t bother entering this one.

Once home with my package, I drank glass after glass of chocolate milk. (Chocolate milk is kind of like my Kryptonite. I’m powerless against it.) I found a game piece inside that contained my secret code for entry at The code is a ticket to play the River Rush online game and enter the sweepstakes for a vacation to Walt Disney Animation Studios and a red carpet movie premiere. It should be noted that the premiere prize will not be for Wreck-It Ralph as the contest ends next March, long after “Game Over” for Ralph.

The special site also has another Adobe Flash-based game called Bullseye Blaster. It’s a very simple shooting gallery where you can collect points to redeem for special downloadables like a coloring page, desktop wallpaper, and song download. I played long enough to grab the very cool-looking Wreck-It-Ralph wallpaper only to find it a measly 1027×768 resolution.

It takes about 4 minutes to breeze through the Bullseye Blaster game for 10 tickets. That means the song download will cost you over a half hour of your precious time.

The underwhelming website notwithstanding, this little Nesquik promotion is sure to have me picking up more of the sweet, sweet substance. In my opinion, powder-based chocolate milk is infinitely superior to the syrup alternative. Plus, I’d love to take my family to L.A. for an upcoming premiere and to get a special tour of Disney Animation Studios.