Silent Film Parody of ‘The Avengers’

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You gotta hurry and watch this silent film parody of the mega popular film The Avengers. Don’t hesitate as it includes actual footage of the film surely acquired by illegal means. In other words, it’s inevitable that YouTube will yank it from the site citing Marvel’s copyright.

But if you haven’t yet seen Joss Whedon’s super superhero movie, do not watch this video. It spoils one of the most enjoyable scenes from the film. It’s a scene so good that you absolutely do not want it tarnished.

The video was apparently produced by R3Load, a site promising “daily online refreshments.” They’ve also distilled Whedon’s two-plus-hour movie down to a campy, 4-minute silent film. But this follow-up is a lot less satisfying.

Watch This: The Muppets in ‘Kermit’s Party’ Shorts

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I’m not very tolerant of commercials. I pretty much only see them online now that I don’t watch TV, but I don’t mind sitting through some commercials for Bounty paper towels if it means getting three new Muppet shorts. After the huge success of the new Muppet movie, the world is waiting to see what the next move for everyone’s favorite puppets will be. I think they fit in great in the world of online video, but these shorts make me wish I could see them in a sitcom-type environment. All of the Muppets living together in Kermit’s mansion, perhaps?
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Classic TV Shows Get 8-Bit Treatment in New Video

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Here’s proof that everything is done better with 8-bit graphics and chiptunes. Witness this “Fox Retro” video created by production company PUNGA. It reimagines classic ’80s TV shows like Happy Days, Diff’rent Strokes, and The A-Team as lo-res video game graphics. They get mashed up with the likes of Pac-Man, Galaga and Donkey Kong.

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Watch This: A Slice of Life by Terry Border

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Terry Border, an Indianapolis-based artist, runs the always-awesome site Bent Objects. His photos of everyday objects are about to see their second book release, and to coincide with the new book, Terry has created this animated short A Slice of Life.

It’s as delightfully twisted as the rest of his work, and makes me even more excited about his upcoming book. Be sure to check out his website, order his books, and follow him on Twitter.

Freddie Wong’s The Future of Gaming?

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Filmmaker Freddie Wong imagines the future of gaming as an alternate reality shooter with a slick heads-up display. In his clever video we see a really cool sci-fi scenario being played out. Could we all be gearing up for back-alley shoot outs in a few years? If it has to involve the poorly received PlayStation Movie, I’m guessing the answer is “no.”

Via The Awesomer