Puppet Shows of the 90s: Eureeka’s Castle

Posted 6 years ago by Television

Eureeka's Castle

This month we’ll be showcasing some of the shows mentioned in our The 10 Greatest Puppet TV Shows of the 90s article. Have any memories or thoughts? Get in touch!

A few years ago I wrote a silly list post on a whim about my favorite puppet TV shows from the 90s. Lots of people find the site by looking for shows on that list, but one in particular brings in lots of curious people: Eureeka’s Castle. Eureek’s Castle was a great show that ran from 1989-1995, but for some reason Nickelodeon seems to have forgotten about it.

Many classic 90s Nickelodeon shows are now on Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon Prime, but where’s Eureeka’s Castle? What gives?
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5 Reasons Why Disney Should Make a New ‘Ducktales’ Movie

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Scrooge's Money Bin

I’ve been thinking about Ducktales a lot lately. Besides the fact I just found out I won an awesome Ducktales Remastered promo kit from Capcom (more on that later), I’ve been thinking about how it is the perfect time for Disney to make a CG Ducktales movie. I know technically there has been a Ducktales movie, but The Treasure of the Lost Lamp was hardly the Ducktales movie we deserve.

Why do I think this should happen?

1. Ducktales is Timeless

Because Ducktales was based on the classic Carl Barks duck universe and wasn’t based completely in our world, it has a timeless quality that a lot of 80s/90s cartoons just don’t have. You can pop in a DVD of Ducktales and watch it without a whole lot of cringe-worthy moments. I can’t even say that about the original TMNT cartoon, and I’m a huge Turtle nut.

Kids (and adults) still relate to the adventure and globe-trotting aspects of the series, and the villains and secondary characters are still a lot of fun. Ducktales wouldn’t need a lot of updating to work as a feature film. Give it an awesome script and it could be great.
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Let’s Talk About Season 1 of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since Nickelodeon’s TMNT show debuted. As of a few days ago, the first season is over with a finale that included Roseanne as Kraang Prime and a pretty awesome Technodrome.

I’ve been loving the show, the new toys, the new merchandise, and pretty much everything in between. But I want to know what you all thought of the first season on the new show. We’re going to be recording a podcast about this very topic and I thought it would be cool to incorporate your opinions into the discussion.

Personally, I love what they’ve done with the new Turtles, and I’m really looking forward to more seasons. Season 2 sounds pretty exciting, with Casey Jones and Slash joining as recurring characters. I’m sure Nickelodeon has plenty more up their sleeves too.

So, let’s get a discussion going. What’d you like/dislike about this season?

First Look at Roseanne’s ‘Kraang Prime’ TMNT Character

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The Nickelodeon TMNT show has been on hiatus for a while, but this behind-the-scenes video is hyping the finale of the series, so hopefully that means it will be back on track soon. This extremely cheesy video from Nick features “Noah and Gabby” hamming it up with an uncomfortable-looking Ciro Nieli to look at the upcoming hour-long special that will introduce Roseanne’s (apparently male) Kraang Prime character.

Her voice isn’t at all what I expected, but since it’s Roseanne I’m sure she’ll get a little more animated than that. TMNT geeks online are speculating that Kraang Prime is going to be the Nick series’ answer to OT Krang, and I really hope so. I think “The Kraang” should take a backseat in season 2 and leave Kraang Prime and Shredder as the main baddies. Oh, and the Technodrome, they definitely need to bring back the Technodrome.

In other TMNT news, did you hear that Mos Def is going to play Baxter Stockman in the new TMNT movie? Even though I still don’t care about that movie, but you have to admit, that’s an awesome bit of casting.

Re-meeting the Jetsons

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The Jetsons

As an aging geek, I’m starting to fall victim to stuff only old people do. For instance, I get up somewhat early on Sundays and watch CBS Sunday Morning. You youngins may know about this news magazine TV series hosted by octogenarian Charles Osgood. It’s a very well-produced show with a wide variety of news and features that we old people enjoy.

I know what you’re probably saying to yourself, “Whoa, slow down, grandpa. You’ll break a hip.”

Risking a shattered pelvis, I settled in for this week’s edition of the show and its Future theme. As usual, the show was exciting but not too exciting so as to soil my Depends. I was thrilled to see a segment about the “retro future” of the 1960s cartoon The Jetsons.
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