X-Men Volume 5 DVD Review

Posted 10 years ago by Television

Along with Spider-Man and Batman, the 90s animated X-Men cartoon has always been one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood. Back in September I reviewed volumes 3 and 4 of the show’s run on DVD, and now it comes to an end with volume 5.

I never really thought we’d get this many episodes of X-Men on DVD, so I’m pumped to finally have them all. Well, I’d still like to see the 1989 pilot Pryde of the X-Men get a DVD release, but maybe if we buy enough of these sets they will release it.

Volume 5 contains the following episodes on two discs:

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1980s Review

Posted 10 years ago by Television

Remember those awesome DVD sets of Saturday Morning Cartoons from the 60s and 70s I reviewed? Well, since I got my hands on those sets, my biggest hope is that we would get a 80s set, and thanks to Warner Bros we finally did.


Just like the last sets, there are some toons I’m familiar with, and some I’d never even heard of. To me, that’s a big part of the appeal of these sets.

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Tom and Jerry Tales: The Complete First Season on DVD

Posted 10 years ago by Television

Tom and Jerry Tales is a modern interpretation of the classic animated duo that ran on CW4Kids from 2006 until 2008. Warner Bros. has released previous DVD volumes of collected episodes, but this is the first time it’s been released as a season set.

The Complete First Season is a 2-disc set containing the first 13 episodes of Tom and Jerry Tales. The show is a throwback to the vintage shorts, each containing three shorter stories full of the violence and mayhem that we grew up loving.

The set contains 39 short stories in total, with a runtime of 294 minutes, so if you’re buying for your kids it’s a great deal. Overall it’s not the classic Tom and Jerry that we (and our parents) grew up with, but it’s a worthy homage.

Tom and Jerry Tales: The Complete First Season is available to own on DVD now.

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Cool Stuff: Trevor Hutchinson’s Transformers Wallpaper

Posted 10 years ago by Television

Trevor Hutchinson is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Australia who has been working on Transformers for IDW Publishing, dressing up as a classic Disney animator, and various other awesome things.

Over at his blog he’s got a beautiful Transformers desktop wallpaper that you should all download. The Transformers movies can’t be unseen if you’ve watched them, but great art like this helps erase the memories.

Are you an artist looking for some exposure? Send me your retro-inspired wallpapers and I’ll post them up!

Check out Trevor’s Transformers wallpaper.

The First Easter Rabbit DVD Review

Posted 10 years ago by Television

If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered where the Easter Bunny came from, and most who’s better to explain that to us than Burl Ives? Thats about what The First Easter Rabbit from Rankin/Bass Productions is, and thats fine by me.

I wasn’t around for the first airing of The First Easter Rabbit on TV, and I never remember seeing it in reruns, but I’m sure a lot of you remember it. Basically, it’s a short tale of a girl with a stuffed rabbit named Stuffy. A fairy decides that people need a symbol for Easter so they can remember when it is (no joke), so she turns Stuffy into The Easter Rabbit.

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