LEGO News Roundup: New City Sets, Minifigures Series 9, and More

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LEGO Helicopter Arrest

There has been a ton of LEGO awesomeness popping up in my RSS feeds lately, so I decided it was time for a LEGO News Roundup. LEGO is teasing a lot of great looking new products for next year, and even with TMNT LEGO sets coming out I’m most excited about the new City sets. The City line will always be my favorite, and some of the new sets look great.

I love the Helicopter Arrest set. It looks like an abandoned dock hideout with a place to stash a boat, boarded up windows, and a pretty snazzy orange truck. It almost reminds me of the Gator Landing set I use to have back in the day, just minus the gators.
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Playmates Announces TMNT Toys for 2013!

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2013 TMNT Toys

I don’t use exclamation marks in headlines very often, but come on, new TMNT toys! We’ve already gotten a look at the TMNT LEGO sets for next year, but so far there’s been no news about Playmates’ new toys. With the new show and toys blowing up the way they are, we all new more toys had to be coming. Our friends at The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang spotted these new photos over at Toy News International, and it looks like we’re going to have plenty to spend our money on next year.

I knew we weren’t going to be able to avoid the crazy Turtle variant figures for long, and it looks like they’re coming already with what fans are dubbing The Ghostbuster Turtles. It’ll be Sports Turtles, Clowns, and Hip Hop Turtles before we know it. The bad thing is, I don’t really mind.

There are some new vehicles and playsets coming too, and there’s even a mention of Playmates’ Classic line getting a series two, which is awesome news! I love that Baxter Stockman, I just wish he could be about 11 inches tall and be the Krang’s Android Body of this new line.

Head on over to The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang for some more pictures!

‘Kraang Lab Escape’ and ‘Baxter Robot Rampage’ LEGO Sets Look Awesome

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Kraang Lab Escape

The chunk of change I need to stash away for the TMNT LEGO sets next year keeps getting bigger. All the sets in the first wave have officially been revealed now, and they’re pretty great. If you’re like me, you appreciate the smaller, cheaper LEGO kits when they’re done right. Sets like Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown and the Superman/Power Armor Lex come to mind.

Well, most of the stuff from the new LEGO TMNT line we’ve seen so far has looked pricey, so it’s a relief to see sets like Kraang Lab Escape and Baxter Robot Rampage. They look like a lot of fun, and they come with some sweet minifigs. From Bricks to Bothans has a roundup of all the sets, but these two might be my favorites.
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Cool Stuff: Jamie Painter’s Custom Movie Star Turtles

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Jamie Painter's Custom TMNT

I love Instagram. I’ve been using it since the day it launched, and I’ve met all kinds of cool people. The thing I do on there most often is browse the #TMNT tag, and when I was gearing up to launch the TMNT Photo Contest, I ‘invited’ some Instagramers to send me their entries.

That’s when I first saw Jamie Painter’s custom Movie Star Turtles. Jaime is a photographer and artist, and she not only repainted the Turtles, but she made custom weapons and belts out of real leather, wood, and chains. The final product looks amazing, but you can see for yourself.
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Cool Stuff: LEGO McDonald’s Mecha

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Big MaK

Regular old McDonald’s food in LEGO form would be cool enough to warrant posting on the site, but take that a thousand steps further and make a Mecha made out of LEGO McDonald’s food and you’ve got a guaranteed spot on the site.

The Big MaK by Siercon and Coral should be licensed by McDonald’s for their Happy Meals, but I doubt we’ll get that lucky. For now we’ll just have to admire their work through the Internets.

Via Super Punch’s LEGO Roundup