That LEGO Back to the Future Set is Totally Happening You Guys

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As if it wasn’t hard enough to find the LEGO Minecraft set that was released through their Kickstarter-like CUUSOO site, LEGO has just announced the next project that’s getting the really-for-real treatment is this awesome Back to the Future Delorean.

It’ll probably take forever for this to come out, but you know they’re going to sell out like crazy. I was really hoping they would make the Modular Western Town, but apparently they have a new Western theme of their own brewing and they felt it would conflict.

What do you think, will you be picking this one up?


LEGO Shellraiser Street Chase Available on Amazon Prime

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Reports have been coming in about the TMNT LEGO sets popping up in Toys R Us stores, but I haven’t seen any yet. Luckily, Amazon is starting to get them in stock. Right now, the Shellraiser Street Chase set is available directly from Amazon for $60. That’s good news for Prime members, the box of bricks could be at your house as early as tomorrow.

If my wife read the site I would hint heavily that this is my favorite of the TMNT LEGO sets and that it would be a perfect Christmas gift. Sigh.

Cool Stuff: Custom Carded Action Figures for Movies That Never Had Action Figures

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Custom Action Figures

eBay seller Old Colony Hobbies is doing something awesome, and isn’t even charging an arm and a leg for it. They’re creating custom action figures and cards for characters that never got the toy treatment (for obvious reasons). I’m talking Pennywise from It, Michael Myers, Jaws figures, Lethal Weapon, and more.

They look incredibly real and the first time I saw them I thought they were. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with, but I’m hoping for some Three Amigos figures.

Check Out Old Colony Hobbies on eBay

Via The Verge and Branded in the 80s

LEGO TMNT Sets Available on December 17th

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Kraang Lab Escape

Well, it looks like Christmas is coming early this year. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle LEGO sets we’ve been drooling over for the past few months are going to be available on LEGO’s Shop@Home site starting on December 17th. That doesn’t leave much time to get them to your door before Christmas, but LEGO’s fastest (and expensive) shipping option might do the trick.

I’ve got some nephews who would be insanely pumped if they got some of the TMNT LEGO sets I’ve been telling them about in time for the holidays. I don’t blame them, so would I!

The pages are already up on LEGO’s site. Here are links, along with prices and which Turtles come in each set.

I plan on getting all of these sets, but if you’re just looking to snag the four Turtles, it looks like your cheapest bet is go get the Turtle Lair Attack, Shredder’s Dragon Bike, and Kraang Lab Escape sets for a total of about $88.

So, are you planning on getting any of these sets?


The Empire Strikes Back with Toys: Interview with Instagrammer Bobby Sussman

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The Empire Strikes Back with Toys: An Interview with Bobby Sussman

As toy fans, there’s something magical about constructing dioramas. We arrange our precious collectibles in such a way to tell a story or simply showcase them. Often they’re done for our own enjoyment but all fans can appreciate the really elaborate creations. I used to think I had a knack for building such scenes. After stumbling upon the work of artist Bobby Sussman, I can easily say he’s a master at this toy-based specialty.

For almost a full year Bobby has been recreating the 1980 Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back with action figures and handmade sets. He then captures the scenes with his trusty iPhone 4s and posts the photo collages to Instagram. I caught up with Bobby via email for an interview about his process and the inspiration behind this project.

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