Cool Stuff: The Simpsons 25th Anniversary Homer Simpson Mr. Potato Head

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I keep throwing money at my computer screen, but nothing is happening. Seriously, I’ve held back on buying any of the cool pop culture Mr. Potato Heads that have come out over the years, but this Homer Simpson version is pretty awesome and would look great in my office. I wonder what else they have up their sleeves for the 25th Anniversary of The Simpsons this year?

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Cool Stuff: LEGO Simpsons House

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LEGO Simpsons House

I still can’t believe that LEGO is releasing a Simpsons set and a series of collectible minifigures this year. Even with their licensing frenzy of the past few years, I always thought The Simpsons would be considered “too adult” for the line of toys. I’m not complaining though, because I want this set very badly.

LEGO just unveiled the Simpsons House 71006 set and it looks so much better than I would have guessed it would. It comes out soon and will run $200, but it is huge, actually has interior rooms, comes with the whole Simpsons family plus Flanders, and even has their famous pink car. That seems like a lot for $200.

LEGO Simpsons House

The rooms on the inside look cramped, but I still give LEGO credit for cramming all that inside this house. I write about LEGO a lot on Top Hat Sasquatch, but honestly I don’t buy sets that often. They’re expensive, and once I put them together they’re not that easy to display. This house though, will fit right on a shelf and look awesome. I don’t even have many of the TMNT LEGO sets, but I will definitely be buying this one.

Head over to FBTB to see a ton more high quality photos of the set.

King Kong World Tour Fail

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I haven’t failed this miserably in a long time. I signed up to be a stop on Brian of Cool and Collected’s King Kong World Tour list months ago. The box with King Kong arrived amidst a sea of other boxes while the wife and I were on vacation, and it sat in my office (which right now looks like an episode of Hoarders) for months before I realized I even had it.

So, King Kong has not enjoyed his time in Indianapolis very well, but at least he’s now on his way to visit the rest of the world. To make it up to the world, I made a special coupon code over at Boxsome good for 15% off. Use the code KINGKONG at checkout and get some rad trading cards on the cheap thanks to my blogging fail.

Here’s the Official LEGO Homer Simpson Minifigure

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I still can’t believe that in 2014 we are going to get really-for-real Simpsons LEGO sets. If you haven’t heard, there will be a Simpsons House set along with a whole line of blind-packaged Simpsons minifigures (16 in total, I believe). I never would have guessed the Simpsons, with their more adult humor, would get made into LEGO sets, but I’m happy they are. I’m a huge fan of both and to have them combined is going to be awesome. Not to mention having the Simpsons’ house in my office. That is going to be great.

The minifigures have been leaking slowly for a few weeks, and here is the first look at Homer. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing some variations of Homer (please Glob give us a fat Homer in mumu) but this is the standard, classic Homer. The heads will take some getting used too, but I’m sure standard LEGO heads with painted-on Simpsons faces would look a lot worse.

What do you think?

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Christopher Tupa’s Wish Book Captures Pre-Christmas Toy Anticipation

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Christopher Tupa's Wish Book

For a kid, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas has to be the most excruciatingly slow time of year. It’s a never-ending wait to see what toys will be you under the tree come Christmas morning. When I was little, I would spend this time making wish lists and browsing through the toy pages of the store catalogs. I’d revise my list again and again in hopes of getting the perfect mix of loot.

Now as an adult, I remember those in-between days fondly. Like many things in life, I know that anticipation is equal to, if not greater than, the event itself. As a parent I also now realize how impractical my vast Christmas wish lists were. I wanted so many different things that a certain degree of disappointment was inevitable on Dec. 25. There were always things on those lists that were left unfulfilled.

Christopher Tupa remembers those days as well. The artist and toy collector has created a book of toys and collectibles he wanted as a child but was never able to receive. His free ebook can be downloaded from his website.
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