TMNT Photo Contest Gallery & Contest Winners!

Posted 8 years ago by Toys


After much delay, the results are in! Chris and I have picked the winners of our TMNT Photo Contest and it was no easy task. All the entries were amazing, and it was so hard to pick that we extended the number of winners to four!

I want to thank everyone for entering, and you can count on there being many more contests like this in the future. After the jump, check out the winning photos as well as a gallery of all the entries.

Congrats to the winners, D-Nizzy, Hans Geyer, BubbaShelby, and Shawn Robare!

TMNT Photo Contest

I mentioned you could win even with just two action figures, but I didn’t expect anyone to win with just one. Good job BubbaShelby!

TMNT Photo Contest

This one by Hans Geyer brings back memories of the opening to the 80s TMNT cartoon. Well done!

TMNT Photo Contest

Shawn Robare captured the Turtles redecorating their Lair with the retro trading cards.

TMNT Photo Contest

Last but not least is D-Nizzy’s amazing diorama featuring the modular board game he’s working on.

Now enjoy the whole gallery of entries! Everyone did a great job and I can’t wait to host another contest like this.

Also a big thanks to Christopher Lee for letting us give away his poster!

  • Good choices!

  • BubbaShelby

    Congrats to all! Excited to be one of the winners – even though I only shot one turtle 😉

  • UpsetTurtle

    So it looks like some people actually put effort into their pictures and you award them by giving it to a guy who just threw a few figures on on rocks outside and called it a “lair”. Seriously? He put almost no effort into that picture… jerk move THS

    • Sorry you’re such an upset turtle! We felt everyone put a lot of effort in and we just picked four that we thought were pretty awesome.

      • RemorsefulTurtle

        Yeah ill just have my own contest! With Blackjack, and Hookers! In fact, forget the contest!……. No but seriously i’m sorry for my sore loser response. I should be aware by now that life is not fair so I really shouldn’t expect contests on the internet to be. Everyone does look like they had fun with this contest and i was just being a hurt child because i spent WAY too much time setting up my own picture lol. I apologize for my previous statement and I know it wasn’t easy picking winners. Ill try not to be a jerk anymore.

    • You mad bro?

    • Upset/Remorseful Turtle, last thing I want to do is to cause any undue drama when it seems like people were just having fun with a TMNT photo contest. I appreciate that you apologized to Tommy and crew, but speaking as the guy who just threw a few figures on some rocks outside I wanted to let you know that in the future you might want to try “counting to ten” before writing something in anger and anonymously. Just a thought. As stoked as I am to have had my photo picked (as Christopher Lee’s card-back print/poster is pretty darn rad), I’m going to go ahead make you this offer, step up, post as yourself and let me know which submission was yours, and I will totally send you my copy of the poster after I receive it.

      It’s more important to me that these types of contests remain fun and civil and that no one ends up feeling like it’s not worth participating for fear that someone might bash their submission. I’m a big fan of Tommy and the THS site, as I hope you are (since you took part in the contest and all), and I’d hate to think that I turned someone off of it because they didn’t like my photo. There are certainly no hard feelings on my end. Balls in your court.

      • You classy son of a bitch. Respect++

      • BubbaShelby

        I’m glad he singled you out and not my entry; I’d have been much less civil in my response 😉

      • NotsoUpsetTurtle

        Wow i have been off this site for a while because i knew i had acted childish and didn’t think i should be apart of it anymore. Now i have stumbled upon your response and I am dumbfounded by how much humanity continues to surprise me. No please keep the poster you deserve it, i don’t deserve anything after how i acted. Its no excuse but 2 months ago I was in a bad place and i guess i really needed a win. If i do continue to surf this site i promise to think before posting and to not let my emotions run rampant. Cowabunga

  • God, I can’t believe I missed this. All of those entries are fantastic; I especially like the Technodrome one.

  • lalosoda

    holy moly!!! kept refreshing the original contest page hoping to see who won. just saw this page right now! haha. congrats to all the winnas! really loved the technodrome and outdoors ralph! sad i didn’t win (LOVE that christopher lee poster) but it was fun taking pics of my slash! chris lee’s progress shots of the poster, along with this contest, shoved me to buy some tmnt toys that i’ve been wanting for a while! super glad about that!