First Look at the Turtles and Shredder from the Upcoming Movie

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New TMNT Designs

In case you haven’t heard yet, some designs leaked from the new TMNT movie. It looks like concept art for Shredder and some design statues of the four Turtles have leaked, albeit in low resolution. Maybe the filmmakers will use this as motivation to get an official look at the characters out sometime soon.

I’ll be honest, I’m actually kind of liking these designs. The movie may suck, but I’m going to hold off any more judgement until we see a trailer. I don’t mind the Turtles having the looks they have in these images. I love that they are thick and muscular and not skinny like the CG movie.

TMNT Movie

Shredder looks a little like a cross between Super Shredder and Lord Zed, but we’ll see how he looks in motion. Honestly I was expecting way worse for Shredder so I’m sort of relieved. If this movie is at least decent, I could see it making a lot of money. Especially if they keep a few of the 80s throwbacks that were in the leaked script. That script had Bebop, Rocksteady, the Technodrome, and more. If they at least have a couple nods to the 80s cartoon while still having good CG and action, they could hit a sweet spot of people our age seeing this and young people seeing it because of Turtlemania 2.0.

What do you guys think?

Update So now there’s a movie poster…

  • Ben Rollier

    I’m with you. I’m actually digging these designs. But, there’s still time to screw it up.

    – No trailer yet.
    – We haven’t gotten the final details on the story.
    – We haven’t seen the quality of the CG.

    I’m reserving judgement. We’ll see.

  • I’m still not crazy about the tattoos and the overall tribal look to the costuming. I think it’s that weird uncanny valley thing for me too, where I’m used to them being cartoony (like not wearing clothes outside of masks and harnesses for their gear) and the more realistic they become the more they look weird to me. Like Ben, reserving judgement until I see a trailer…

    • I think we should do a Google+ Hangout or something after the first trailer hits and just rant about it for an hour or something.

  • Looks better than I expected, but I agree that the tribal tattooing and “armor” doesn’t quite click with me. I guess it makes sense if they’re using found objects from the streets and the sewer, but it still looks a little off (mostly Leo’s chest-piece and shoulder pads).

    I’ll be curious to see how well Shredder moves in that suit… looks like a exo-skeleton of some sort.

  • SpaceMonkeyX

    I can’t stop staring at their noses. I think it’s just too human for my liking, dipping down into the Uncanny Valley. If they were going to go less cartoony and more realistic, they should have tried for something a little closer to TMNT #31, in my opinion: I’m still withholding judgment until I see the things in motion, but from these images so far, I’m not a fan. Of course the real test will be when my daughter – a six-year-old fan of the new TMNT – sees them.

    • I think that’s the most interesting thing here – how the young generation that know TMNT from the Nickelodeon show are going to react. There will probably be parents that take kids just because they know the kids are into the new show, and then be shocked to find out this is way different.

  • Jimmy Arias

    I’m holding off final judgement until I watch the movie.
    While the trailer will give us a much better sense of what the movie might look like, trailers can often be deceiving.
    As far as the designs go, I’m torn.
    While they look cool, they don’t feel like the Turtles I know and love.
    I’ll have to watch them in action.

    • Yeah I really think a trailer will give us a better idea. I’m trying to be realistic and hope that *at best* this movie is just a fun 2 hours with cool action and some nods to the 80s cartoon, and not a completely horrible movie.

  • Brandon Braswell

    With all these leaks it makes me believe, or at least hope 🙂 that there will be a trailer/teaser coming out soon. Perhaps this Sunday?? Your description for shredder is my EXACT first thoughts haha, kinda digging the designs of these beefy turtles but makes me curious to see how nimble and ninja like they truly are… Plus they don’t look the slightest “teenage” unless that NYC pizza has some serious growth hormones 😉