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TMNT Classic Collection Donatello Photo Gallery

Posted 4 years ago by Toys

TMNT Classic Collection Donatello

Yesterday I reviewed the TMNT Classic Collection Leonardo action figure, and in a way I reviewed the whole series. Rather than gush about this awesome homage to the 80s animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles four days in a row, I’m going to post photo galleries for each Turtle from now until Friday. That way I don’t ramble on and cover the same points four times.

Donatello looks great, just like his brothers in this series, but he suffers from a horrible case of lazy eye. Most people have reported their figures being the same way, and my Leonardo even seemed a little cross-eyed. But, that’s the only complaint I have on an otherwise perfect incarnation of Donatello. He’s huge, super detailed and articulated, and looks amazing.

He can even lift up two Foot Soldiers and stay balanced. That’s impressive.

I love the painted Bo Staff. Donatello looks great next to Leonardo, and I can’t wait to crack open Mikey and Raph and get a group shot. The only thing these guys need is some bad guys of their own size.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to check out Michelangelo!