TMNT BATSU Figurines from NECA Bring the Cuteness

Posted 10 years ago by Toys


Get ready for more TMNT related awesomeness out of NECA, makers of the why-don’t-I-own-you-yet action figures. Next month they are releasing limited edition TMNT BATSU urban vinyl figurines.

I haven’t quite hopped on the cute urban toy bandwagon yet, but these may be a great place to start. Each figure comes with it’s signature weapon and even has some articulation. Dibs!

Thanks to Space Monkey X for the tip.

  • Yeah, for me these kind of cutsey figures have to be small to work. That was my problem with the Mighty Muggs released by Hasbro. Too darn big. I think that’s why I got into the tiny Heroes line of Marvel/Transformers/Star Wars/G.I. Joe figures so much, they’re small and cute.

  • Yeah, I LOVE the Super Hero Squad/Galactic Heroes toys, they’re perfect desk buddies.