Top Hat Sasquatch Shirts $12 Today Only

Posted 8 years ago by Shirts

Hey! Did you know we still have quite a few Top Hat Sasquatch shirts left? Well, we do, and to celebrate the non-holiday-but-cool-sounding 12-12-12, I’m selling them for $12 today only. That’s $8 off, and you’ll still get all the extra goodies I can cram in the package too.

Head over to the shirts page, enter your info and size, and $12 (plus $2 shipping) later you’ve got yourself an awesome shirt designed by Alex Deligiannis and a bag full of stickers, buttons, and trading cards.

I’ll ship them out tomorrow and you’ll definitely get them before Christmas, and there’s no limit on how many you can order so feel free to give them as gifts to everyone you know.

Sorry, shirts are sold out!