The First Easter Rabbit DVD Review

Posted 9 years ago by Television

If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered where the Easter Bunny came from, and most who’s better to explain that to us than Burl Ives? Thats about what The First Easter Rabbit from Rankin/Bass Productions is, and thats fine by me.

I wasn’t around for the first airing of The First Easter Rabbit on TV, and I never remember seeing it in reruns, but I’m sure a lot of you remember it. Basically, it’s a short tale of a girl with a stuffed rabbit named Stuffy. A fairy decides that people need a symbol for Easter so they can remember when it is (no joke), so she turns Stuffy into The Easter Rabbit.

Much to the dismay of Zero, another Rankin/Bass Ice villain (voiced by the awesome Paul Frees), Stuffy succeeds in bringing easter goodies to all the children in the world, thus inventing Reese Eggs and Cadbury Eggs in the process. I made the last part up, but that’s about all I can think about this time of year, so sue me.

The First Easter Rabbit is out now, so make sure to own it on DVD so your kids can relive all your favorite memories instead of making their own!

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