Something Something LEGO Sports Something

Posted 8 years ago by Toys


Hey look, new LEGO collectable minifigures! Cool, a new boxer! Ooh, and a weightlifter…wait a second, this isn’t a new series of LEGO’s Minifigures line. Damn, it’s just a special set of athletic minifigs celebrating the London 2012 Games, and it’s only available in the UK.

Yup, that’s LEGO’s new 8909 Team GB LEGO set, available this summer wherever English people buy LEGOs.

I just hope this means LEGO isn’t completely done with making collectable minifigures after Series 7, like we had previously heard.

  • Rob Lammle

    Clearly the “GB” doesn’t stand for “Great Britain”, because those minifigs have obviously had access to proper dental care.

    • Ouch!

      Honestly though, if they had made some more accurate British teeth, we could have cobbled together an unofficial Austin Powers minifig.