Post Christmas/Blizzard Update

Posted 4 years ago by Stuff

iPad Mini

Hi there! Sorry for the lack of posts over the holidays, but things got a little Cray-Cray in my neck of the woods. I got the Flu From Hell™ right before Christmas, and then Indianapolis was slammed with a blizzard [obligatory cute dog pic] on the 26th, which really doesn’t effect my ability to post here but I like using the word blizzard as an excuse for things.

This was a one-big-gift-instead-of-lots-of-little-ones kind of year, because I scored an iPad Mini. I’ll be writing more about it later, but I finally feel like I can get into reading comics again now thanks to this little device. I’ve tried reading comics on my wife’s iPad, but wasn’t too crazy about the weight and size, so the Mini is perfect for me.

I’ve caught up on the entire IDW TMNT series and I love it. Besides Comixology, I downloaded Comic Zeal Reader to handle all the digitally acquired CBR/CBZ files I had on my computer. Now I have a few GBs of comics that should last me quite a while.

The iPad Mini is an awesome gaming device too. I have a ton of games on my iPhone but now I think I’ll do most of my gaming on the Mini and reserve my phone for more phone-type things.

Besides that I got a cool little LEGO set from the new Galaxy Squad line that I’ll post in the next few days. I still have a stack of books to review for the site too.

I have high hopes for 2013 here on the ‘squatch, so I think it will be a fun year!

So, how was your Christmas?