Disney/Star Wars Podcast Roundup

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Since the big news about Disney acquirnig LucasFilm hit the net last week, I’ve been consuming news and rumors as much as I can. Rob, Tim, and I already recorded an episode of Bubble Pipe Theater about the future of Star Wars, and I’ve been listening to lots of other podcasts to get as many geeks’ opinions as possible.

I know a lot of you are over this already, but I’m sure there are lots of you that like hearing the discussion about the future of Star Wars and wouldn’t mind a curated list of podcast episodes. Below are the shows I’ve listened to already, but feel free to let me know of any I missed, and I’ll update this post with new episodes.
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Bubble Pipe Theater #19 – When You Wish Upon a Star Wars

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Disney Star Wars Logo

After a five-month hiatus, Rob and Tim joined me for a new episode of Bubble Pipe Theater so we could discuss the biggest geek news of the decade: Disney buying Star Wars. We talk about what the new trilogy could be like, who could be involved, as well as what else we’d like to see Disney do with LucasFilm. Spoiler: Star Wars + Muppets please!

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Some Thoughts on Disney Buying Star Wars

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Disney Star Wars

I don’t think any of us were prepared for the biggest entertainment news of the decade yesterday, but when it broke the Internet almost exploded. I know I probably lost a few followers on Twitter because I couldn’t stop spouting off thoughts. First off, as a former obsessive Star Wars fan who’s grown incredibly jaded the past few years, I’m insanely excited about Disney buying LucasFilm.
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The Beast is Back: Interview with Artist and Toy Collector Christopher Lee

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Christopher Lee

Last year I came across a post on Strange Kids Club about some TMNT art by an artist named Christopher Lee. I quickly reposted his work here and ordered some prints. Fast forward one year and I have more than eighteen square feet of wall space with Chris’s work, including prints of his TMNT, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters art.

You’ve probably seen Chris’s work even if you haven’t read about him online. Chris is an independent designer and illustrator and his client list includes Target, Disney, and Hasbro. If you’ve seen the cool 3D Adventure Book gift card at Target, you’ve seen Chris’s art.

Along with his girlfriend he runs the shop The Birds & the Beasts, and also happens to have a truly amazing collection of 80s and 90s toys.

After a year of buying his art, blogging about it, and stalking following him on Instagram, I thought it would be fun to interview him for the site. So, read on to learn more about Chris’s work, influences, and his amazing toy collection.

Special thanks to Tim and Rob for contributing some of the questions!

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‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ Launches November 8th

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Angry Birds

Well, that escalated quickly. In just a couple short years Angry Birds has gone from an obscure iOS game to a huge money-making, licensing machine. The funny thing is, I don’t mind at all. Rovio seems to be doing everything with right Angry Birds. They haven’t put out a crappy game yet and I’ll be eagerly waiting for November 8th to download Angry Birds Star Wars.

I can’t wait to see some gameplay and level design from this one. The art looks awesome; those little birds actually look great as Star Wars characters. The Rebel and Empire logo redesigns are pretty cool too. I’d totally rock a Pig-themed Empire logo on a t-shirt, and I’m sure I’ll get the chance, because they’ll be launching a huge merchandise push when the game hits the App Store. From Rovio’s blog post:

In addition to the game, this fall will also see the unveiling of a massive retail launch for Angry Birds Star Wars. Merchandise ranging from Halloween costumes and apparel to action figures and collectible plush toys will be available at select retailers, starting October 28.

I want some PVC figures from this game, and wouldn’t mind having something with those pig TIE fighters, because come on, pig TIE fighters!

Also, how is there not an Angry Birds cartoon yet? I know they’ve been talking about it forever, and when you think about some of the weird crap we grew up watching the concept doesn’t sound that crazy.