Site PSA: I’ll Be Back Monday

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I wanted to post this days ago but didn’t have access to a laptop or a non-boonies quality internet connection. I’ve been stuck out of town for most of the week seeing to a family member in the hospital, and it’s delayed a few things around here.

First off, I’ll try to post the winners of the TMNT Photo Contest on Monday. We had a lot of awesome entries and it’s going to be pretty hard for Chris and I to pick three winners.

Rob also has some new book reviews coming really soon, and along with some new podcasts, editorials and toy reviews, the site should be back in business next week.

In the meantime, if you’re in the Halloween spirit, check out some of the past Halloween posts on the site:

Wow, there’s a surprising lack of Halloween content around here. I need to fix that.

The League: State of the Site

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The League of Extraordinary Bloggers
This post is part of The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, a weekly series of blog posts started by Brian over at Cool and Collected. Make sure to check out his site and join in the conversation if you run a blog!

Brian had the cool idea to switch things up a bit this week with The League and have everyone toot their own horns talking about the State of the Site. I’ll make this brief, because I’m not that far from my 500th post where I talked a lot about the site, but I wanted to join in. If nothing else, it gives me the chance to use that GIF I made a while back.
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Cool Stuff: Pixel Art Top Hat Sasquatch by Tim Briscoe

Posted 8 years ago by Art

Pixel Art Sasquatch

Our very own Tim Briscoe sent me this the other day, and my first thought was, Dang, I have to post that on the site! Tim has been getting into pixel art (something I wish I could do), and he chose our mascot as one of his first subjects and it turned out great. He even went ahead and created a pixel art version of our text logo too, which I might just drop in the header because I like it so much better.

I need to get some new business cards or postcards or stickers printed up with this guy on them, because everything is better when it has a pixel art version of itself.

Update:I just ordered some sweet stickers with this guy, and if you’re one of the people who snag a THS t-shirt you’ll get some.

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Top Hat Sasquatch Shirts!

Posted 8 years ago by Shirts

Top Hat Sasquatch Shirt

Ever since I first saw the Top Hat Sasquatch mascot that Alex Deligiannis designed for us, I’ve wanted it on a shirt. His illustration is amazing, and perfectly captures the silly, but pretending to take ourselves seriously attitude I wanted on this site.

Well, I finally stopped procrastinating and I’ve put together a limited edition, ‘Friends of Top Hat Sasquatch’ presale. The shirts are only going to be available for two weeks at first, and include a sweet 3×3″ sticker and a couple buttons. They’ll ship out in 2-3 weeks, and I’m only planning on ordering 40 or 50 shirts, so this a really-for-real limited edition.

You can check out the shirts page for all the details, but they’re comfy American Apparel shirts and are being printed by the fine folks at Clockwise Tees.

For a shirt, a couple buttons, some random retro trading cards, and a sticker, it’s $20, plus $2 shipping to the continental United States, as well as my eternal gratitude, and the knowledge that you’re one of handful of people on this planet sporting a shirt with a sasquatch wearing a top hat. That’s priceless.

TMNT Week Starts Tuesday

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I wanted to give you all a heads up. I realized that I have a ton of TMNT content to publish in the next few days, and to not make this look like a TMNT-exclusive blog, I’ve decided to make next week TMNT Week. Specifically, Tuesday, July 24th through Friday, July 27th, so almost a week. Monday is my birthday and I’ll be taking the day off, but here’s what you have to look forward to next week:

  • Tuesday: Leonardo
  • Wednesday: Donatello
  • Thursday: Michelangelo
  • Friday: Raphael

Each day I’ll be posting reviews of the new action figures, as well as some character-related articles. I’ve had a blast lately geeking out with all you fellow bloggers and Twitterers about the resurgence of the TMNT, and I welcome you all to join in on TMNT Week!

See you next week!