Missing Links: Nintendo Switch, NES Classic, Rogue One, Sega Genesis

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Missing Links

The NES Classic Edition is dead simple — and that’s why it’s great – The Verge
I have no need for this since I’m a big fan of building Raspberry Pi systems running RetroPie to play old-school video games, but this thing is just so awesome and cute I know I'll probably end up buying one or two.

Rogue One Will Have A Different Opening Without the Traditional Star Wars Crawl!
I think this is a great idea for the Star Wars spinoffs. I want them to feel different from the main saga movies as much as possible.

Portable Animation Tool Inchworm Just Got Updated for the Nintendo 3DS
I just recently got a Nintendo 3DS and this little animation program looks really fun.

Owlboy review • Eurogamer.net
I’ve been hearing about this game for a few years, and it looks really polished. I can’t wait to try it out sometime soon.

Nintendo President Hints of Bigger Hardware Plans for Switch – Bloomberg
Sounds like Nintendo has a few hardware tricks up their sleeves that have yet to be announced for the Switch. How about different sets of Joy-Cons in the style of Gamecube, NES, etc? I have enjoyed the Wii U but I’m ready for Nintendo to have a blockbuster console on their hands again.

TecToy unveils its new limited edition SEGA Genesis
This sounds like an interesting competing product to the upcoming NES Mini. It has pre-installed Sega games but also reads games from SD cards.

Nintendo Is Revealing “Major Details” About The Switch In January 
The announcements of the Nintendo Switch was one of last week's highlights, but don't expect any more info in 2016. Nintendo doesn't want to hurt their sales (or their 3rd party developers) for the holidays. It'll be a long wait, but I'm eager to learn more about the Switch.

Retro Rewind: ‘Chase H.Q. II’ for Sega Genesis

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Retro RewindI spend a lot of time wondering if something I use to love has held up to the test of time; if I would still watch, read, or play it. Sometimes you remember something as being awesome (Land Before Time movies?) but when you revisit it again it makes you want to gouge your eyes out. On the other hand, sometimes you check out something from your youth and it turns out that you love it even more now. That’s the idea behind our new series Retro Rewind.

I’ve been on a bit of a retro gaming kick lately and have been trying to remember what games I played a lot as a kid. I wasn’t able to buy a lot of games when I was younger, but I rented them all the time. There are a few games I remember renting a ton of times, and Chase HQ II for Sega Genesis is definitely on that list.

It seems like an obvious game nowadays, but back in the 90s, chasing down cars and ramming them into submission wasn’t a cliche yet. It’s surprising I’m a decent driver after a childhood filled with playing tons of games involving violence and driving.

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