Jetsons Valentine Scans [1989]

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Jetsons Valentines

Remember when The Jetsons surged in popularity again in the 80s and early 90s? The show came back in 1985 and then they released Jetsons: The Movie in 1990, so it’s no surprise that they made Jetsons Valetines in 89. I don’t know if kids would have been that excited about getting Valentines featuring George Jetson and the gang, but I probably would have. I was a weird kid though.
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Ducktales Valentine Scans [1986]

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Ducktales Valentine

I’ve loved putting together the Vintage Valentine Giveaway this year, and I really think it’s going to be an annual thing on Top Hat Sasquatch. One of the best parts is just getting to see all these retro Valentines again. Some I actually remembered having as a kid.

But some, like these awesome Ducktales Valentines from 1986, were a little before my elementary school days so I never had them. Being obsessed with retro stuff, especially retro stuff based on my favorite cartoons, I love seeing the designs on these Valentines. Part of my original idea for doing the Valentine giveaway was that I could take my favorites and scan them before I sent them out to people so I could archive them in blog posts here. That way everyone can see all the Valentines!

Below is a gallery of all the Valentines that came in this Ducktales box. Click each one to embiggen, and feel free to download and share these!
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The Muppet Picnic Cookbook [1981]

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This past weekend I went somewhere I hadn’t been in a few years and hunted through 72,000 square feet of antiques, collectibles, and weird-ass junk looking for cool geeky treasures. The Exit 76 Antique Mall is about 30 miles south of Indianapolis and is crazy-huge. About 80-90% of the booths there are filled with the type of antiques I have no interest in, but in a place that size there’s about something for every taste.

I was on the lookout for toys, kids’ books, trading cards, and anything TMNT or Muppet related. I did better than I thought I would, and one of the cool things I found was this Muppet Picnic Cookbook published by Hallmark in 1981. Lately I’ve been on the lookout for lots of 80s/90s Muppet related books, and I had just read about this one on the Muppet Wiki, so I was pretty excited when I saw it hanging out with vintage sewing patterns and Good Housekeeping issues.
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The 1981 Atari Game Catalog

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Atari Catalog

When I was a kid we had an Atari 2600 in a box in the basement left over from either my Dad or my sisters’ curiosity in video games from a time before I was born. I played it some when I was little and my sister took our (or her) NES to college. There were also a few stores in my hometown where Atari games could be found for dirt cheap, so there’s always been a weird, it’s-better-than-no-video-games kind of nostalgia in my heart when it comes to Atari.

A few years back I found this little booklet at my Mom’s house and stashed it in one of my many junk boxes. I recently dug it out and I knew I had to scan the pages and post them here on the site. With Atari graphics being so horrible, they had to rely on these cool watercolor illustrations to advertise the games, and it’s really fun to look through. So here is, in full, the 1981 Atari Video Computer Systemâ„¢ Catalog.

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Scans of the Gaming Pages from a 1993 Sears Catalog

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Sears Mario

I was digging through stuff at my Grandpa’s house last weekend to see if there was anything I found sentimental and wanted to keep (he didn’t die, he’s just moving to a retirement home), and among the old photos, fishing paraphernalia, and random mothball-scented things, I found a 1993 Sears Catalog. I spotted it from a mile away and almost knocked my sister over who was looking through our Grandmother’s Christmas decorations trying to get to it.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a Christmas catalog. If it was, I would have snatched the whole thing and spent hours (days?) scanning the entire toy section. Alas, this was just a regular-type catalog which meant no toys. However, I remembered that even these boring catalogs still usually had video game sections and I quickly flipped past the pages of clothes, exercise equipment, and antique-looking computers to find them. I wasn’t disappointed.
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