Comic Book Review: Nature of the Beast

Posted 6 years ago by Comics

Bruno Bolo has issues. His wife died a few years ago, leaving him alone to raise his rebellious daughter. He has a bit of a drinking problem, and his one and only friend is The Duke, one of the largest alligators in captivity. To eek out a living, Bruno stars in a small roadside attraction where he and The Duke wrestle a couple of times a day to the oohs and awes of easily impressed tourists. So when he’s approached by a reality TV producer looking to stage Beast Wars, a battle royale of the meanest animals on the planet to determine who the real King of the Jungle is, Bruno agrees to enter The Duke into the contest in exchange for $100,000 a match.

Held on a remote island away from animal cruelty laws, Beast Wars is a truly savage contest featuring fight tickets that seem to have been inspired by listening in on a group of middle school boys at recess, like Shark vs Polar Bear and Alligator vs Gorilla vs Lion. Of course it’s not exactly natural for a gorilla and an alligator to fight (especially to the death), so the showrunners have developed a special spray that greatly enhances an animal’s aggressive tendencies. Curious, Bruno decides to try out a single shot of the stuff himself and it sends him into a berserker rage, letting out all that pent up anger and the feelings of helplessness that he’s been holding back since his wife died and his life went down the tubes. He quickly becomes addicted to the spray and its sense of raw freedom, finding that the more he inhales the less human he becomes.
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