Minimalist Muppets

Posted 10 years ago by Art

I didn’t really get into the Minimalist Superheroes art that floated around the interwebs a few weeks ago, but throw Muppets into the mix and I’m sold. That’s exactly what Eric Slager did with his Minimalist Muppets, and he did a great job.

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Watch This: The Muppets Sing Stand by Me

Posted 10 years ago by Stuff

New Muppet viral video. Bunnies get eaten.

I haven’t posted any of the Muppet viral videos mainly because I didn’t think I needed to add another post to your RSS reader with the same video, but this one is weird and cool enough that I don’t care. Watch it three times.

Watch This: I Never Harmed an Onion – The Muppet Show

Posted 10 years ago by Television

Before the days of DVDs, I had a couple VHS compilation tapes of skits from the Muppet Show, and this was always one of my favorite songs. I thought of it the other day when I was chopping onions, and I had to look it up.

Cool Stuff: Muppeteer Jerry Nelson’s New Album

Posted 10 years ago by Music, Stuff

Remember when I made a list of the Best Beatles Covers from the Muppet Show, and I said I could listen to a whole album of Jerry Nelson singing? Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now thanks to his new album, Truro Daydreams.

Jerry Nelson is of course the super talented puppeteer/voice actor/musician that you probably know as the characters Floyd, The Count, Gobo Fraggle, and too many more to mention. I heard about a year ago that he was coming out with an album, and it looks like it was just now released. It’s a very cool blend of a lot of different styles of music, and I highly recommend picking it up.

It’s a $9.99 download from Digstation (requires signing up for an account).

Thanks to ToughPigs for the tip.

A Muppets Christmas Letters to Santa DVD Review

Posted 11 years ago by Television

A Muppets Christmas Letters to Santa DVD

Even though I could watch the Muppets every day, there’s something about them and Christmas that go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Maybe it’s the Muppet Christmas Carol, John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together, or the Muppet Family Christmas, but I end up thinking about the Muppets a lot this time of year.

So I was naturally excited to finally get to watch the Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa DVD, having missed it’s premier last year. I had read a lot about it, and fans seemed to be pretty happy with it.

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