Tron Mickey Mouse

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Tron Mickey Mouse

In anticipation of the Horrible Night Out at the IMAX in Indianapolis tonight, I broke out my Tron Mickey Mouse vinyl figure from Sideshow Collectibles and snapped some photos. I have mixed feelings about vinyl collectibles. If they were cheaper I’d probably own a lot more, and in the case of Tron Mickey Mouse, I wish he lit up. Sideshow sent this to me a while back and I wanted to hold off until Tron Legacy was out to publish anything.

There’s not much to review with vinyl figures, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Sidenote: It’s a testament to Tron Guy’s viral popularity that when I look at this it makes me think of Tron Guy Mickey Mouse more than Tron Mickey Mouse.

Epic Mickey Opening Cinematic

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Dear Warren Spector,

Please accept my $50 for Epic Mickey, even though I never play the Wii anymore. Your game looks awesome, and I think you should keep trying to convince Disney to make a DuckTales game.



Watch This: Disney’s The Mad Doctor – 1933

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Since tomorrow’s Halloween and I’m dressing up as a Mad Scientist, I thought it would be appropriate for us all to watch The Mad Doctor from January 21st, 1933. This isn’t exactly the version of a Mad Scientist I’m using for my Halloween costume (as you can see below), but this is cool because this character is going to be in the Epic Mickey game.

You can read more about the Mad Doctor on

Mad Scientist Costume

New Details on Disney’s Epic Mickey Game

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Epic Mickey

I’m sure all you gamers have heard of Warren Spector’s crazy-looking Disney Wii game Epic Mickey. Well, Game Informer has released a new batch of info and images about the game, and it sounds awesome.

If you haven’t heard about it, the title is pretty accurate. It’s an epic adventure where you play as Mickey Mouse in a disutopian/steampunk style environment in which Disney’s lower cast of characters have teamed up to defeat you. Its cool that Disney is backing a project like this, where Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a villain.

Epic Mickey

For us animation buffs, it’s cool that they’re using the classic Disney shorts and comic strips as inspiration, even obscure characters like the Mad Doctor and the Phantom Blot. Spector is about as hardcore of a Mickey fan as you can get, so you can expect this game to be chocked full of references to Mickey’s history.

The gameplay involves the erasing and painting of objects, and has some 2D style side-scrolling levels in addition to the 3D levels.

Robo Donald

Make sure to check out the article, and keep an eye on Game Informer’s Epic Mickey landing page.

Mickey’s Trailer – 1938 Disney Short

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Mickey’s Trailer holds a very special place in my childhood, and is without a doubt my favorite Disney short. I watched a ton of Disney shorts growing up, mostly thanks to my family’s RCA Selectavision player (article to come), a few VHS compilation tapes, and the Disney Channel.

One compilation that I watched quite a bit was called On Vacation with Mickey and Friends, which was six shorts put together with some new animation of Jiminy Cricket trying to track down Mickey and his pals. These compilations were done pretty well, and were a great introduction to these classic shorts.

Watch the short after the jump.
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