Cool Stuff: A LEGO Store for your LEGO City

Posted 8 years ago by Toys

LEGO City Store

I tend to let CUUSOO projects go viral before I pay much attention to them, but in the case of this LEGO City Store by RayC, I’m glad I can help spread the word in its early stages. Built in the tradition of LEGO’s modular buildings (spoiler: they fit together and are really expensive), this LEGO Store is as cute as it is meta.

LEGO has said that it looks for projects on CUUSOO that would be best as a one-off, rather than a whole new product line. If the LEGO City Store project reaches 10,000 supporters, I doubt they would be able to resist making this an actual product. How cool would it be to see a modular LEGO Store for sale at a regular-type LEGO Store?
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Missing Links: TDKR, Marvel Phase 2, LEGO, and TMNT

Posted 8 years ago by Missing Links

Missing Links

The Top Hat Sasquatch team reads a lot of blog posts every day, and some slip through the crack or just don’t warrant their own post. That’s where Missing Links comes in. Every few days we collect the best links we’ve come across and pass them on to you.

Exclusive! Interview with the 2012 TMNT Voice Cast
It’s cool hearing the cast of the new TMNT show get along so well, hopefully their chemistry comes through in the final product.

Will ‘Ant-Man’ Shoot Immediately Following ‘Thor: The Dark World?’ | /Film
I really hope so. The world needs an Edgar Wright super hero movie. Badly.

Check out this badass LEGO Exo Suit that's up for voting on CUUSOO. I remember seeing this a while back and wishing I had the instructions to make one.

Marvel Phase Two: Where Does Hawkeye Fit In?
Where indeed. I hope he pops up in Captain America 2, and I'd love to see him and Black Widow get their own S.H.I.E.L.D. movie.

Trivia: Where Was The Joker In ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’ | /Film
I thought about this right after seeing TDKR. Where was the Joker during all the mayhem?

The Dark Knight Rises review you’ve all been waiting for
The pizza you deserve, not the pizza you need.

LEGO Minecraft Set Review

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LEGO Minecraft

When the Internets first got glimpse of the LEGO Minecraft Set on the company’s Kickstarter-esque site Cuusoo, I doubt a lot of people thought it would ever become a real product. It surprised me when LEGO announced on the CUUSOO blog that it passed their approval process and would be a really-for-real set in a few months time. It’s been for sale for a short while and I got my hands on one, dumped all the pieces on my desk, and built it so I could let you know if it’s a great LEGO set or just a decoration for hardcore Minecraft fans.

What You Get

The LEGO Minecraft Set (or Minecraft 21102 officially) is a micro-world set, meaning it’s not minifigure scale. It does, however, include a couple micro-figures in the likeness of Minecraft’s Steve and a Creeper. Since the whole point of Minecraft is shaping and building terrain out of the available blocks in the game, the LEGO Minecraft set works the same way.
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10 Things That Look Better Than The Amazing Spider-man’s Lizard

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The Lizard

I liked The Amazing Spider-man. I really did. I liked almost everything about it, with one glaring exception: the design of The Lizard. I was so excited when they announced that The Lizard would be the villain in this movie, but when the designs started to leak, I was a little bummed. When I finally saw the movie, I liked the character but the snoutless, generic Lizard design didn’t do much for me. So, to avoid actually working today I’ve been making a list of 10 things that look better than The Lizard.

As with most ‘silly lists’ on Top Hat Sasquatch, this is mainly a joke. Keep that in mind before you rage in the comments section.


The Goombas from the Super Mario Bros Movie

The Goombas from the Super Mario Bros movie were the first things I thought of when I saw The Lizard. Bald, scaly, and a big toothy grin. Exactly what The Lizard could have looked like in a 90s Spider-man movie, had they decided to ditch the snout and make it look ridiculous. I don’t know if a snout would have made The Lizard look that much better, but what is so unrealistic about growing a snout vs. growing a tail?
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SDCC 2012: Awesome LEGO Super Heroes Update

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I guess I ran my SDCC LEGO Roundup too soon, because FBTB is reporting on the new LEGO Super Hero minifigures for the upcoming year, and they’re pretty awesome. The photos seem to confirm that there will actually be sets based on The Dark Knight Rises after all! LEGO Gary Oldman!

On the DC side, there is Mr. Freeze, Aquaman, Batman in a white suit (for some reason), Bane, Gordon, Badass Robin with a hood, Scarecrow, The Joker in an orange jumpsuit, Penguin, and a nurse or something.

For Marvel, it looks like we’re getting Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Venom, Nova, J. Jonah Jameson, Dr. Doom, and Beetle. Not bad, but I wonder how they are going to use Dr. Doom without the Fantastic Four? And hopefully Nick Fury means more Avengers sets, but he could be included in a Spider-Man set since that line is based on the new show.

Make sure to check out FBTB for all the large photos, and let the speculation on the sets these are going to come with begin!