Help Fund a Minecraft Documentary Film

Posted 9 years ago by Games, Movies

Surely you know what Minecraft is. The game maintains a fascinating position as global cultural phenomenon while simultaneously keeping its underground status.

For the uninitiated, Minecraft is a game where you build things. It’s also a game where you are preyed upon by zombies and scary spiders. Part Lego, part horror film, it’s an addictive “little” indie game that has over 4.6 million registered users. Over one million of these users have paid about $20 each to participate. Oh yeah, and it’s existed as a playable Alpha for most of its life.

Filmmakers at 2 Player Productions have begun work on a documentary about Mojang, the Minecraft: The Story of Mojangcompany Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson formed to further development of the game. They’ve released a 20-minute proof-of-concept to help fund the film’s completion.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $150,000 necessary to complete the documentary. At the time of this writing, they’re over half way to being fully funded. It’s inevitable that they’ll get there before the Mar. 26 deadline but if you act now, you can be a part of this special project. There are special rewards available to backers at different contribution levels.

Check out their Kickstarter page for more info. If their sample video is any indication, this is going to be a very compelling film worthy of your time—and contribution.