Cool Stuff: LEGO Ghostbusters HQ by Orion Pax

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LEGO Ghostbusters

Another day, another awesome LEGO creation by Orion Pax. A while back I posted his amazing TMNT Party Wagon, and now he’s touched on another of my favorite pop culture icons, Ghostbusters.

Orion has created the Ghostbusters firehouse headquarters in the style of the LEGO modular buildings, and he’s done a crazy-good job of it. It’s beautiful from the outside alone, but once you take a look at the level of detail in the interiors you realize how great it really is.

Ghostbusters Kitchen

That’s just nuts. Head over to his site to see even more of his amazing 3-story Ghostbusters HQ (complete with Ecto 1). This guy’s LEGO powers seem a little unnatural. I love how he uses all the new pieces like the wood panels and food and makes them look better than anything LEGO has even come out with.

They need to hire this guy and get him designing sets.

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The Beast is Back: Interview with Artist and Toy Collector Christopher Lee

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Christopher Lee

Last year I came across a post on Strange Kids Club about some TMNT art by an artist named Christopher Lee. I quickly reposted his work here and ordered some prints. Fast forward one year and I have more than eighteen square feet of wall space with Chris’s work, including prints of his TMNT, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters art.

You’ve probably seen Chris’s work even if you haven’t read about him online. Chris is an independent designer and illustrator and his client list includes Target, Disney, and Hasbro. If you’ve seen the cool 3D Adventure Book gift card at Target, you’ve seen Chris’s art.

Along with his girlfriend he runs the shop The Birds & the Beasts, and also happens to have a truly amazing collection of 80s and 90s toys.

After a year of buying his art, blogging about it, and stalking following him on Instagram, I thought it would be fun to interview him for the site. So, read on to learn more about Chris’s work, influences, and his amazing toy collection.

Special thanks to Tim and Rob for contributing some of the questions!

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Cool Stuff: Christopher Lee’s Ghostbusters Poster

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Christopher Lee's Ghostbusters Poster

Christopher Lee, the talented artist behind the TMNT Action Figure Art I posted on the site last year as well as these great Star Wars posters, has just released a Ghostbusters poster and it is just as awesome as his other work.

I’m a huge fan of Christopher’s work. Ghostbusters was the perfect franchise for him to tackle next, and he knocked it out of the park. His ability to lay these out, keep them in his style, but still have that movie poster look is insane. I could rattle off a huge list of movies I’d love to see posters for in his style.

This poster is a very limited edition of 100, and you can order it from his shop. Also, make sure to check out the post on his blog if you’d like to see his early sketches and ideas.

Alex Deligiannis

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In the third episode of Bubble Pipe Theater, Rob, John, and Tommy are joined by a very special guest, Alex Deligiannis. Alex is a color stylist at Nickelodeon, having worked on The Fairly Odd Parents and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and he created our wonderful sasquatch illustration. Join us as we talk about TMNT, comic books, video games, and movies.

Cool Stuff: Geeky Peg People

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Ghostbusters Peg People

I bet a lot of you played with Fisher Price Little People when you were tiny. They’ve been around for decades, and even thought they were plastic by the time I played with them, I always loved the older, wooden Little People.

That’s the vibe I get from RandomlyGenerated’s Etsy store, although instead of dogs, cowboys, and generic folks, the peg people are characters from our favorite pieces of geek culture. The Ghostbusters are definitely my favorite, although there aren’t any TMNT Peg People on there yet so that could change.

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