Cool Stuff: Custom Carded Action Figures for Movies That Never Had Action Figures

Posted 7 years ago by Toys

Custom Action Figures

eBay seller Old Colony Hobbies is doing something awesome, and isn’t even charging an arm and a leg for it. They’re creating custom action figures and cards for characters that never got the toy treatment (for obvious reasons). I’m talking Pennywise from It, Michael Myers, Jaws figures, Lethal Weapon, and more.

They look incredibly real and the first time I saw them I thought they were. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with, but I’m hoping for some Three Amigos figures.

Check Out Old Colony Hobbies on eBay

Via The Verge and Branded in the 80s

Cool Stuff: Jamie Painter’s Custom Movie Star Turtles

Posted 7 years ago by Toys

Jamie Painter's Custom TMNT

I love Instagram. I’ve been using it since the day it launched, and I’ve met all kinds of cool people. The thing I do on there most often is browse the #TMNT tag, and when I was gearing up to launch the TMNT Photo Contest, I ‘invited’ some Instagramers to send me their entries.

That’s when I first saw Jamie Painter’s custom Movie Star Turtles. Jaime is a photographer and artist, and she not only repainted the Turtles, but she made custom weapons and belts out of real leather, wood, and chains. The final product looks amazing, but you can see for yourself.
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