Cool Stuff: Marvel Superheros ‘Got Milk’ Commercial

Posted 4 years ago by Television

I vaguely remember seeing this commercial back in the day, but it’s interesting to see now that we’re actually used to having The Avengers in live action on film. The costumes in this Got Milk commercial are straight out of the comics, and are pretty interesting. That Hulk actually looks kind of awesome! I know they wouldn’t have been able to use that for a movie very well, but it looks really cool. And that Spidey costume doesn’t look bad at all.

Iron Man on the other hand looks a little derpy.

Source: Reddit

The Force is With This Volkswagen Commercial

Posted 7 years ago by Television

The Super Bowl (yawn) is just around the corner, and Volkswagen has already uploaded a commercial to their YouTube account, and it’s a gem. It’s not so much the concept that makes it great, it’s the physical comedy of the kid in the Vader suit. Watch it and tell me it doesn’t make you want to have a little kid to live vicariously through.

Forget True Grit, I’m Looking for Someone with Blingatude

Posted 7 years ago by Videos

What’s the opposite of True Grit, the quality that Mattie Ross was looking for and found in US Marshall Rooster Cogburn? I didn’t know before today, but now I do; it’s Blingatude. In case you’re lost, that’s True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld in her pre-Jeff Bridges days, hawking goods for K-Mart.

I’m pretty sure this commercial wasn’t directed by the Coen Brothers, but we won’t hold that against you, Hailee.