Geek Eats: Wreck-It Ralph Nesquik

Posted 8 years ago by Games, Stuff

I’ve got a secret that I’m not sure I should confess.

OK, OK. I will. This will be a rather short story if I don’t share. Here goes… Manufacturers, if you make special packaging for your product in a cool, 8-bit design there’s a 99% chance I will buy it. I’m such a fan of old school video game design that I’ll fork over all kinds of money for your product if it features cool pixel art. Yes, I mean it. Any product. I’ll even buy a box of Tampax tampons once they make the wise choice to switch to 8-bit packaging.

NestlĂ© has somehow learned this deep, dark secret of mine. I recently fell victim while perusing the aisles of my local supermarket. There’s where I saw their Wreck-It Ralph commemorative packaging for Nesquik chocolate drink powder. They had turned their iconic Nesquik bunny and logo into eye-catching video game designs. There were three different package designs, each with a different scene from Wreck-It Ralph. I snapped up my favorite of the three.
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