Disney is Making a Live Action/CG ‘Rescue Rangers’ Movie. Wait, What?

Posted 6 years ago by Movies

Rescue Rangers

I haven’t seen the Smurfs or Chipmunk movies because they look like horrible abominations and I feel like I have to sit through a trailer for one every other time I go to the movies. But, they seem to make a shitton of money and it looks like Disney wants to get a piece of that pie by using one of the most beloved cartoons from my childhood, Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers. I feel conflicted.


  • Rescue Rangers getting popular again means it’s more likely for shows like Ducktales and Gummi Bears to make comebacks
  • It could be really fun if done by people who loved the show
  • The theme song is bitchin


  • It will probably suck
  • The director is very inexperienced
  • It’s live action/cg hybrid
  • The theme song will probably be covered by some horrible band

Seriously, why live action/CG? Rescue Rangers would look awesome as a straight CG movie. The Rescue Rangers didn’t get involved with humans much anyway, it was mostly other animals. Oh well, maybe it won’t be the worst thing ever.

Via Cartoon Brew and SlashFilm

Watch This: Donald Duck in ‘Trailer Horn’ – 1950

Posted 7 years ago by Animated Shorts

I didn’t mean for the site to become a baron wasteland the past few days, but I’m currently on vacation in the boonies camping along Lake Michigan, and apparently this town hasn’t discovered cell phone signals or the Internet yet.

Luckily this coffee shop is fairly civilized, and so I thought I’d distract you all with a classic Disney short from 1950 featuring my favorite animated short subject matter: vacations. For some reason, most of my favorite shorts revolve around recreation, like my all-time favorite, Mickey’s Trailer.

Shorts with Donald Duck and Chip ‘n’ Dale are also favorites of mine, and seeing an actual chipmunk (I named him Dale) while camping made me think of this short. Make sure to check back soon because we have some crazy awesome stuff coming in the next couple weeks.

You can read more about Trailer Horn over at DisneyShorts.org.