Super Cute Superhero Art Prints on Etsy

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It’s too bad these are reserved for someone, but check out these super cute superhero art prints from Etsy artist Loopzart. Anything with Batman and The Hulk smiling is OK in my book.

She also has a Star Wars set (also reserved) that are equally worth checking out, as well as lots of individual prints.

Super Friends Valentines Save the Day

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Valentine’s Day is here!

No, seriously – it’s today.

You didn’t get him/her/it anything yet!?

Quick, Robin! To the internet!

Thankfully, Andertoons is here to save the day with these awesome Super Friends Valentines from 1980. If you really love him/her/it, you’ll take the time to put together some of the “Action Valentines”, like the spinning wheels on Batwoman’s motorcycle, Plastic Man’s long, stretchy *ahem* neck, and Aquaman…coming out of…an oyster…shell…for some odd reason. Wow, you really are lame, aren’t you, buddy?
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Dark Knight Rises to have Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy as Bane

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News arrived today that Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy have officially been cast in the upcoming Batman movie: Dark Knight Rises. Anne Hathaway will play the role of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, and Tom Hardy will assume the role of Bane.

Many had speculated that Tom Hardy would be cast in Dark Knight Rises, and Anne Hathaway had been rumored to be auditioning alongside a couple of other actresses. What do you guys think of the character choices?

Indianapolis Superhero Museum Auction

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Superhero Auction

Good news, rich folk. The short lived Indianapolis Superhero Museum will be auctioning off all it’s memorabilia this week on January 22nd. The museum, which was closed before I ever even found out about it, was mainly filled with Superman and Batman collectibles. Some of the rarer items up for auction include costumes from the 50’s show The Adventures of Superman, a costume actually worn by Christopher Reeve, and even one from Lois and Clark.

This was supposedly the second largest Superman collection in the world. My guess is that the Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois holds top honors.

You can read more about the auction at Antique Helper and view a ton of photos of at Auction Zip. I’ll gladly be accepting donations of any goods purchased if you get horrible buyers remorse after realizing you just bought a set of tights worn by Dean Cain.

Francos Pagnolo’s DC Heroes

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Mondays are good days for superhero art. Francos Spagnolo created these amazing minimilist DC Heroes and we found them via Batman and Captain Marvel are my favorites, but they’re all awesome. It’s amazing how powerful the lines and shapes are that were chosen by Francos.

I need these in my office.